Inherent Vice - SPOILERS!

Started by MacGuffin, October 01, 2014, 02:10:50 PM

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The Channel View Estates commercial - first time we see Bigfoot and he speaks to Doc through the television.

Lots of Bees

Was wondering if anyone's ever asked about the lights that he's used a few times throughout his filmography - the ones that flicker really quickly down a hallway... they seem almost alien and I've always wondered why I've never heard anyone talk about them. In Inherent Vice it's the scene where Les Fleurs plays as Doc walks down the hall to his office. It happens in Punch Drunk Love too, and a couple times in the HAIM "Now I'm In It" video. What is that?? I don't think I've seen it elsewhere.


In the HAIM video it seems stylistically bent, a sort of highlighter or brush stroke. How he illustrates Danielle in that video reminds me of the first 40 seconds here

During the Inherent Vice moment I could read it as a "passing car" style reflection, it doesn't feel as stylistic there. Certainly he loves to mess around with bending light and lens distortion, some of his more playful moments in Punch Drunk Love feel like just messing around with lens flare and a 'intimate blockbuster' feel, light games are as tasty as any camera move.

Lots of Bees

It's funny, I wrote that without having seen Inherent Vice in a while - in my memory, it looked way more similar to the ones in PDL than it actually does. I was thinking of it more like the blue ray/laser looking-thing that passes by in the hotel hallway in Hawaii. But you're totally right, that just looks like a car reflection. Still, I wonder how that's done, technically - just a light and someone holding a mirror? Same with the ones in the HAIM video.



This shot from The Big Fix gave me Vice vibes