Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker

Started by MacGuffin, February 22, 2006, 01:37:58 PM

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Room to Dream DVD Available for Free - Get Your Copy Today!!!
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Now here's something big worth talking about. I just received a copy of the DVD Room to Dream. Digidesign has put this FREE DVD out as a promotional piece by Digidesign which showcases Lynch's work with DV and Avid. They take a scene that David has filmed on DV and basically go step by step on how he used the Avid to design and complete the scene. The scene features appearances by John Neff, Mary Sweeney, Chrysta Bell, as well as some of the actors that have been attached with INLAND EMPIRE. While there is no confirmation to whether or not the scene on the DVD is from INLAND EMPIRE, I would be willing to bet that it is. The DVD is so good that I would have actually paid to own a copy, but best of all, the DVD is available for FREE. That's right my friends. Click here for more details on how you can get yourself a copy and see some really cool stuff. After watching the DVD, I sure as hell want to upgrade to an Avid.

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Thank you for your order.

Room to Dream DVD Featuring David Lynch will be shipped to: [modage]
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Me too.

But I'll never switch to Avid, no matter how persuasive Lynch may be.

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ordered mine, and they weren't racialist about being outside US/Canada!

now to find out what scam i just fell for..
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Done and done.

And I'd switch to Avid in a heartbeat.  If I had money and or a career.


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god i've been waiting for somebody to post in the david lynch forum since forever. thanks mac, this was certainly worth the wait!
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i ordered one as well, but i'm afraid that i'll explode on the way or something. a free dvd about (prolly) the best living director DOES NOT COMPUTE.
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it came.

it didn't explode when i opened it.

my god.

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