Rented Four Rooms last night...

Started by markums2k, July 21, 2003, 10:35:00 AM

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Had never seen it.  Could only find it on VHS.  It was great!  Brought back those old feelings like when I saw Pulp Fiction, From Dusk till Dawn, and Desperado for the first time.

Quentin's short was a little amateurish, mostly due to his acting, but still enjoyable.  Lots of long takes...

It's just fresh in my mind.  Anybody else enjoy Four Rooms?  Care to comment?

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Haven't seen it yet, but judging from your enthusiasm I think I'll pick it up tonight.  :-D
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Quote from: Ghoulardi GoonHaven't seen it yet, but judging from your enthusiasm I think I'll pick it up tonight.  :-D

I'm flattered!  :shock:

This movie is definitely a GREAT way to break up all the summer blockbusters.


i always thought it was fantastic. were probably the only ones though


Quote from: Cecil B. Dementedwe're probably the only ones though


The only good segment was Rodriguez's. I was disappointed by Tarantino's because it was just a rehash of an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode.

And there's Madonna....automatically brings a movie down.
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i really liked it.  my friends and i always quote that movie.  i really like MISBEHAVIORS and THE MAN FROM HOLLYWOOD.  i really think it's the most clever dialouge tarantino ever wrote.

it's very sharp!  as sharp as the devil himself!
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Quote from: rudieobas sharp as the devil himself!

Oh, that's so great.  That's a great line.


And how about the end of the Hollywood short?  I love how the lighter doesn't go up even once.  Just, *click* and *chop* and credits.  So fucking great.  He built the tension up soooo well with that 60 seconds gimmick.



I'm a big fan of Rodriguez's and Tarantino's segments. I think they're just great... they build an interesting story which end (both of them) in the most hilarious of ways.

I also enjoyed the Alexandre Rockwell segment. The only one I really don't quite like is the first one, although avery single actress there was just "perfect casting".

Also enjoyed Tom Roth... very funny performance, especially between segments 3 and 4 when he calls Betty. Really great dialogue there..... "I'm Betty. Who the fuck are you?"  :lol:  by the way...... who do you guys think wrote this particular scene in the movie? My guess is it's Quentin's


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Quote from: SHAFTRI really didn't like it.

Release the hounds.  :x


I really liked the second one too.


When tim roth sticks his head out the window and yells HELP HELP; then an arrow fashes pointing at him "TED".
Thats very funny.
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When tim roth sticks his head out the window and yells HELP HELP; then an arrow fashes pointing at him "TED".
Thats very funny.

LOOOL I agree completely. And that scream for help is just so weird and pointless and....... funny as hell!!!!! Tim Roth gave a great performance right there.


I love Tarantino's. The rest I thought was shit. But I did enjoy bits of the second one (with that actress, what's her name?, who appears in Tarantino's as well).
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It's a great, fun movie. The only segment that's weak is the witches room. Everything else is well done and entertaining. I think most people get put off by its segmented style and the fact that different writers wrote different parts. Aside from PF, I consider the Hollywood segment Avary's best writing.

And Roth is perfect.
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i love the witch segment. hows the dialogue go again?

-youre not my mother
-yes i am
-then why are we sleeping together?
freeze frame. big interrogation point

or something like that. hahah