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No Sudden Move

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on: July 12, 2021, 10:28:17 AM

Recently released from prison, Curtis Goynes descends into the tangled underbelly of a rapidly changing 1950s Detroit after
teaming with a band of criminals for a seemingly simple job… with dire consequences.

A caper with the smirking attitude we saw Sodie channel before with Elmore Leonard adaptation Out of Sight. This movie sits nicely alongside Steve McQueens' WIDOWS in strong ensemble plotlines that are clearly aiming at political-hierarchy critique without losing their genre flavor.

wilberfan iz not a fan. I'm here to say -- Amy Seimetz, Don Cheadle & Benecio Del Toro, far from slouching, carrying a tricky tone into pure pulp force. This iz also the flick that reminded me why David Harbour became such a staple of American productions. There's one scene w/ Harbour that's nearly Coen bros lvl goofy.