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Started by ono, January 13, 2004, 11:16:22 PM

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Quote from: CinephileJesus Christ, people. Grow up.
He had nothing to do with the way she dressed, as far as I know...
Oh, ye of little faith. . .


well i thought she looked quite beautiful


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Quote from: themodernage02she lookd like shit at the oscars.  someone needs to get her something to tuck in her stomach.  she looked better than att the globes but thats not saying much.
Ok, new rule. Before anyone on Xixax goes on a rant about how a 19 year old actress looks at the Oscars, POST A CURRENT PICTURE of yourself. It's only justified for the morons around here that stain this place when they feel like they're fucking fashion critics. Jesus Christ, people. Grow up.
sorry i stained your message board, i thought this was the joan rivers e special thread.  :oops:
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.

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I thought she looked very pretty.


honestly though, i want to apologize to scarlett who i think has potential to look very pretty but dont feel she looked her best at the globes or oscars.  i was still in 'rant' mode from the other thread and  i needed to turn the switch off.  i think the only reason i responded so strongly is that most of the thread is devoted to how pretty she is and i didnt think she was showing that at the awards.  so in summary michael douglas looked like shit while scarlett just didnt look her best.  thank you.
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


Quote from: themodernage02so in summary michael douglas looked like shit while scarlett just didnt look her best.  thank you.
hahah, far out mod, ur on fire.

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Ok Boys... as a female, I must say that Scarlett could change my mind...  :wink:   I thought she looked absolutely stunning at the Oscars.  And maybe we should give her some credit for keeping a little integrity, well, at least for the moment.  Because for those of you who commented on her "ponch"... don't worry, give it a year or two and she'll be as emaciated as the rest of 'em.   :cry:


I sincerely hope that doesn't happen.
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This makes me sad... :(

Johansson and Del Toro an Item?
Unlikely couple Scarlett Johansson and Benicio Del Toro were so smitten with each other at a pre-Oscars party, they didn't care about being spotted "with their arms all over each other". Latin star Del Toro - who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award at Sunday's ceremony - spent Saturday night canoodling with the 19-year-old actress before the pair retired to the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles at 3.30am. Guests at the legendary hotel on Sunset Strip were stunned when the playful pair walked in, because they were making no attempts to cover up their intimate behavior. A spy says, "They didn't care who saw them. They walked through the hotel lobby where there were quite a few people hanging about and didn't seem at all embarrassed to be spotted with their arms all over each other. It was quite extraordinary. She looks so young and he could easily pass for her dad. They then got into a lift together."
--IMDb News


that makes me very happy.

he's like twice her age.

yeah boiiiiiiiiiii. at least he was smart enuff to not wait till she was losing her beauty (zeta-jones).
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Quote from: Chest RockwellJohansson and Del Toro an Item?

I thought she was sitting a little to close to Connery at the Oscars and now this.  :shock:


Quote from: Chest Rockwellcanoodling

i like that word...c-a-n-o-o-d-l-i-n-g...

....i guess del toro's doing the harrison ford thing....


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Benny is good looking!

How to make your own Benicio Del Toro:

1) 1 spoon of Brad Pitt
2) 2 spoons of Leonardo DiCaprio
3) Add a little spice - I suggest some Enrique Iglesias or Antonio Banderas. (I threw in some Keanu Reeves by accident - DON'T DO THAT!)
4) Make sure that it doesn't sleep for  2-3 days. (VERY IMPORTANT)

IMPORTANT: Make sure to play Gipsy Kings while baking your very own Benicio Del Toro.

I once got my Julianne Moore mixed up with old Benny. It didn't look good.

I realize now that this is the weirdest post ever!


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How to make your own Benicio Del Toro:

If they mated...