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Started by ono, January 13, 2004, 11:16:22 PM

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Scarlett Johansson.  Pretty.  Super talented.  Excellent in Ghost World, Lost in Translation, and Girl With a Pearl Earring, among others.  I <3 her.

Oh yeah, and she's on Leno like right now.  Discuss, or some junk.


God Bless You, Ono.  She is the most beautiful, talented actress working today.

EDIT - That Leno interview warmed my blood...........she's a funny girl.....


i've been waiting for this day.
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Ah, what is she doing in The Perfect Score?
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Quote from: SlorgAh, what is she doing in The Perfect Score?
the same thing leelee sobieski has been doing in all those crappy teen films that she thinks will get ppl her age to like her more after realising none of her friends saw A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries. or do u mean the hair? i don't like the big top thing.
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she's great...ive never really found myself that attracted to her though...she shines youth in her looks, and has beautiful lips, but i just dont find her all that tremendous looking.. :?


Quote from: SlorgAh, what is she doing in The Perfect Score?

...word on the street is that this will be her breakout  role.....nothing she has been in yet is as challenging as what she will be trying to do......
.which is what appears to be a tradtional stupid looking mtv film.....actually credible.....and that can be challenginng and rewarding as well as working w/ coppola...coens..zwigoff....etc......


about her appearances on conan and now leno.. either she's really uncomfortable with all the attention and overcompensates with perkiness, or she's on sumthing.

either way i wish she wouldn't move so fast. ::obsessed::
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All I gotta say, is that she isn't as hot as Keira Knightley.  Scarlett looks kinda wierd to me...


Quote from: TheVoiceOfNickAll I gotta say, is that she isn't as hot as Keira Knightley.  Scarlett looks kinda wierd to me...
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yeah... some people don't think chicks who aren't boring are hot.

Keira's got boring going for her... a lot of dudes dig that.


She's my favorite right now, along with Watts.

Comte de Saint Germain

I think she's overrated. Ghost World seemed to cater on her ability to be just plain. No accomplishment. Lost in Translation was a move to push her to something better by making her physical appearance one of the main things driving the role but the lack of emotional interest in the role (boredom of life is boring in subject these days) and her inability to really convey feeling in the face like other actresses (Emma Thompson, Samantha Morton) really makes her just a welcome face for outcasted youth.
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Quote from: Comte de Saint Germainmakes her just a welcome face for outcasted youth.
um no that's not it. but thanks for sharing CSG.
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