Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker

Started by MacGuffin, February 22, 2006, 01:37:58 PM

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The Red Vine

mine hasn't come in yet. I'm getting impatient and sad.  :(

but it's free so it should take as long as it wants.
"No, really. Just do it. You have some kind of weird reasons that are okay.">


non-spoilerful caps (not from the actual scene) that i'd like to talk about when everyone gets theirs..

picture on the desk, not a wife or loved one.. well, a special loved one.

"GEEZ MAN!" you have got to see this bit, hilarious. keep up the TM, dave, temper.

but in a second all is fine again. don't forget the cig in one hand, camera in other.. clearly a freedom of modern technology he can appreciate.

mysterious second assistant camera(boy?)
under the paving stones.


I'm assuming you mean her Hotness. 

Other than that the scene was kinda to very Meh... I know it's only a scene and all, but I don't think it does any favors to DV and creative freedom.  Lynch is a trip, I could listen to the man speak for hours.  I'm trying to figure out who this disc is geared towards.  It gives little to zero insights for people who know anything about filmmaking, and i feel like it might be too advanced (or you know geared towards people who haven't seen a Lynch movie).  I also find it funny that the set-up Lynch is on is a Mac.  Considering at least 75% of Avid systems are Windows based (fact pulled out of my ass, but i'm pretty sure).


I think the scene was pretty awful, actually. Poorly shot and poorly edited. I really hope that's not reflective of Inland Empire's quality.

I like the idea of them all breaking out into song, however.


about the scene. i don't get the feeling it's from INLAND EMPIRE. though it certainly contains lynchian elements, such as:

-in general, what the fuck?
-solid female casting based on looks alone.
-the intense weird man.
-maybe it's only my love for the script, but even in this little scene i see elements of Ronnie Rocket, particularly in the role of darkness toward the end. haven't paid attention to the lyrics of the song, anyone wanna transcribe?

regarding the worth of the dvd and it's target audience. from the long-ass tutorial by that degenerate indie director dude, i'd say it's geared to ppl of his ilk. what i don't understand is how and why they got Lynch involved.. there's plenty of other filmmakers currently enamored with DV, he might be the most enthusiastic but was it necessary to go into 30mins of interview and seeing the process of shooting this scene?

haha, it seemed awkward when they went to a soundbyte praising Avid. it's like 25mins of Lynch and then he mentions avid favourably a couple of times a la "we have a love eight relationship / we're on cloud nine", and then goes back to relevant stuff. not to mention the fat dude doing sound wearing the Digidesign sweatshirt (or was it just a normal shirt), anyway, it was bad. and whats up with the little kid as clapper? i wanna be clapper on WHATEVER THIS IS. :yabbse-angry:
under the paving stones.


was there shipping and handling?  i'm scared to fill it out. 


Quote from: JimmyGator on March 15, 2006, 06:01:14 AM
was there shipping and handling?  i'm scared to fill it out. 
it's all free, how many different ways can this be written.

i hope they've discontinued it by now.
under the paving stones.


Quote from: Ghostboy on March 15, 2006, 02:36:28 AM
I think the scene was pretty awful, actually. Poorly shot and poorly edited.

i don't know. i wouldn't say that. lynch's stuff always has an indescribable effect on me. this was no exception. i can't argue with you about the technical criticism, but every second of the scene had me mesmerised. anyway, things i liked (spoils):

-the old guy who's not really there :shock: .... but he's close by
-the rabbits-like (except coherent) dialogue
-the hot girl's face transforming when it "goes dark"
-the dancer in the dark style singing (and the lyrics)

Quote from: Pubricki don't get the feeling it's from INLAND EMPIRE.

i don't think so either. i doubt the same guy who doesn't even want chapter stops in his movies would release some random scene from his new film before it even has a release date. though the circus talk ties in with the pics we've seen :ponder:

most likely just a way for lynch to release his latest short(?) to the public


Nothing too informative digital filmmaking since anyone who knows about this DVD probably already knows about digital shooting, editing, etc.  I didn't expect it to be a great DVD, since it was clearly going to be an Avid promo piece.

Its hard to judge some out-of-context scene from a movie, but technically it was weak.  I hope this is a rough version of the scene.

What is this scene from?  Kristin Kerr from IE is in it.  I doubt Lynch would release a scene from IE like this.


Quote from: Pubrick on March 15, 2006, 06:12:51 AM
Quote from: JimmyGator on March 15, 2006, 06:01:14 AM
was there shipping and handling?  i'm scared to fill it out. 
it's all free, how many different ways can this be written.

i hope they've discontinued it by now.

haha, it just seems to good to be true.  anyways, i finally ordered mine. 


Long live the New Flesh


this was my favorite part. the way lynch tells the guy to "finesse it" had me laughing.

the 'indie director' seemed more like a bad actor to me. for anybody who has ever used avid, it is a worthless part of the disc


In case anyone's interested, I found a short film online with that one girl in it. It's kind of okay.


Well, over one month later, I finally got mine.

I did not like it at all.  None of it.  And I love most of David Lynch's work.  I've seen way better Lynch interviews (without shitty music playing behind him or crooked "cool" camerawork), and the short was bad bad bad bad bad.  I think maybe 10% of the people who see it will like it, and 90% will want to stay the fuck away from Avid.  If Avid was sending this disc out for free anyway, I think maybe they should have just not.  I can't see it doing anything to help their business.

Since Lynch acknowledges the abilities of a DP in his interview, I certainly hope he's working with one on IE.

Even the transcendental meditation disc was WAY better than this.  That was better edited and produced, too, which is sad for this disc that's advertising a fucking editing program!  And two minutes of seeing that porn star of an "independent filmmaker" was enough of the Avid Tools segment for me.  As somebody asked before, who are they gearing this towards?  Somebody who just decided a month ago that making movies seems like it would be fun, who is also going through a mid-life crisis and might decide to blow a bunch of money on an Avid?

A total failure.  I'm not complaining, since it was free, but I am critiquing, since it was awful.

P.S. I don't think it was from IE, since it seems self-contained.  But why'd they show pre-production for THIS??  This seems like something Lynch wrote one morning, grabbed some people during a lunch break from shooting IE, shot in an hour, and edited that night.  And if it wasn't, it certainly could have been.  I didn't see any evidence of pre-planning, except to coordinate schedules and work out payroll.

I still love David Lynch, though, and eagerly anticipate Inland Empire, which we know he worked on for far longer than only one weekend.