Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Started by jenkins, December 03, 2017, 05:47:53 PM

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Ida been stoked for a radio play
New Name, Same Typos.


The last movie will be a remake of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.



The Musical, The Streaming Service, The Pre-School...    :roll:


I finished "Chaos" and am now a little more than half way thru OUATIH, the book, and for those of you keeping score at home, I'm having all the same issues I had with the film (goddamnit).

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I'm enjoying learning new details about Cliff (so much more interesting a character than Rick), but I just skipped over an entire chapter about--cattle rustling or something??  (Really, Quentin??)   Much of it feels just so nerdishly self-indulgent--paragraphs about casting choices and the history of a TV show....  (I did enjoy learning about Cliff's interest in foreign films, however.)

I just encountered Cliff's visit to Hot Waxx to buy an 8-track of Tom Jones--which made me smile as I got to visit the same establishment a few years ago.  (The book describes it as being at "Riverside & Forman"--which is exactly where this location was.  Maybe one day we'll see this footage.

Oh, and the Pussycat finger-banging invitation, too.

Jeremy Blackman

You're just punishing yourself at this point.


I had a great time with the book, but I agree that the western chapters was a bit boring at times.