Django Unchained

Started by MacGuffin, March 27, 2011, 10:14:40 PM

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That's why he said "and so forth".
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you are, where? Thought I was alone..

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I second your most recent opinion in this here thread


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When I read Django, I pictured Keith Carradine playing Calvin Candie, but DiCaprio will be interesting..

I also envisioned Stacy Keach playing the fella who leads the posse with the KKK esque hoodies, I think his name in the script was Big Daddy Bennett

Lastly, since Sacha Baron Cohen is playing Scott Harmony, do you folks think that Q.T will go the Fassbinder route ala Whity and make Scott Harmony gay? Broomhilida his beard to save his family's face, or no...

It will be interesting to see how the Cleopatra Club scene plays out.

Q.T cut out some of this best scenes from Inglorious Basterds(the Bear Jew's Boston flashback with him getting the signatures on the bat and the encounter with the spunky old lady, the female theatre owners scenes, and a whole section that was to be shot in "French New Wave black and white". I hope he doesnt cut anything out for Django but I wouldnt mind him adding more, cause I really enjoyed his script.


The "French New Wave black and white-chapter" in IB was never cut. It just wasn't shot that way.

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Rumor has it Michael Fassbinder has replaced Sacha Baron Cohen, due to latter dropping out to promote his film The Dictator.


good. he wouldn't fit either


Scott Harmony which was Baron's part is up for grabs
and now Kurt Russell's part which is the villain Ace Woody is now up for grabs.
It seems Kurt walked off the set, how lame..


Quote from: wiped_out on May 10, 2012, 09:49:14 AM
It seems Kurt walked off the set, how lame..

He realised that his role required acting.


It seems that Walton Goggins is absorbing the part, which is great news.
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