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Quote from: Find Your Magali on February 15, 2021, 05:19:59 PM

they're both great examples of movies that make it look like other movies aren't trying hard enough


this guy was the first person in the VS community to post a photo of himself wearing the adult pjs so here's his photo instead of mine. it just thrills me they did this. I'll be so sad when I've worn mine so much they've fallen apart


Find Your Magali

Quote from: jenkins on February 15, 2021, 05:59:57 PM

they're both great examples of movies that make it look like other movies aren't trying hard enough

I have been a little trepidatious about Antonioni. After finally getting around to viewing it, I was left with mixed feelings about L'Avventura, which is of course part of the point.

Red Desert was very good, so I decided to dip back into his trilogy of discontent with La Notte.

With Muriel, I think I'm drawn to it moreso for Delphine Seyrig than Alain Resnais. I've seen Marienbad but not Hiroshima; I think the problem with the later is that I've heard/read too much about it over the years. Muriel OTOH is almost entirely unfamiliar to me.


They're more than worth it


Lots of shit recently.

The Celebration CC
Citizen Kane 4K CC
Bigger Than Life CC
Scream 3-Movie Collection
Scream 4
Mirror CC
The Piano CC
Pickup On South Street CC
Halloween 4K
Sweet Smell of Success CC
Terms of Endearment
Hard Eight (Australian blu)
Dogville (Region Free)
Manderlay (DVD)
The House That Jack Built
Nymph()maniac Vols 1 and 2
Antichrist CC
The Kingdom Series 1 and 2
An Angel At My Table CC
Sweetie CC
Agnes Varda Complete Boxset CC
High Sierra CC
The Last Waltz CC (pre-Order)
Double Indemnity CC (pre-order)



Spring Film Fest at eward's.  Order your tickets now.


Moved from LA to Chicago last summer, and never took my discs out of the box. Moved into my 2nd apartment out here a week and a half ago and finally put up an entertainment cabinet in the living room.

Somewhere in those two hops I lost my copy of RED SPIRIT LAKE - WE AWAIT via SaturnĀ“s Core. So ordered another this morning, emboldened by the less-than-500 count on the site. My first Vinegar Syndrome purchase since Tammy and the T-Rex, restoring that slice of my collection ~


NSFW image from the interview booklet:
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Had no idea Pinion had made XXXtreme productions as Charley Crow. Much less that one of those is PHILIP K DICK inspired. Must watch...