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Great stuff! What's the award look like? Is it a big crawdad with clapperboards for claws?



QuoteYesterday Arvid was 7 years old, and today he is 8. While setting up for his party, his mother receives a phone call; her younger sister in the city has suddenly died. The meaning of this news has yet to really dawn on him, but its weight has fallen with a physical force on the rambunctious little boy in the yard, spraying his family with play machine gun fire. A break, inevitable as turning another year older, has been placed in the flowing path of afternoons spent charging through the house and roughhousing with his baby brother. Arvid's discovery of life's impermanence is less a conscious recognition than an understanding felt in the body, an awareness that is surfaced and interpreted through small rituals.

Shot with a dreamy richness that unveils the vicious greens of the Norwegian forest and the foreboding of a mid-day when the corners of a room are lost in shadow, Truls Krane Meby's film gently leads us down to the sunken landscape of childhood emotion, so much more vivid for being unreachable by words. (15 minutes). Directed by Truls Krane Meby, who has another NB premiere coming up in March: World Wide Woven Bodies on March 15th.



I've already said many words about this movie on this thread, so for now I'll just say that it is extraordinary.


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Again, your shorts are incredible and feel so note-perfect I'm at a loss for words. I think I'm sharing the sentiments of everyone here in wishing you a long and rapidly-ascending career. Your talent deserves everything coming.

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Those are incredible words to hear my friends! Thank you so much, again. It feels very good to have this film out in the open now, also finally getting to close that chapter a little (basically meaning: no more tinkering! I've been fiddling around with it up to yesterday right before it went live, it was even converting for a few hours while it was supposed to be up).

World Wide Woven Bodies will follow on NoBudge on the 15th of March, and it looks like Everybody's Present might go on their blog. So those films will soon be living their own lives, while I truck on with the next projects. One being the aforementioned vegan-film, another being a feature also about the arrival of the internet in northern Norway, called Age Sex Location, and a third, but the one I'll finish first, a short based on a true story about a refugee who guides his family over the mountains of his native country, over the mobile phone - from the north of Norway.

Also, there's one little mistake in that description from NoBudge: it should be "twin sister", not "younger sister". It's been fixed on the site now.

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So a Russian site has reviewed Good Machine Gun Sound, and the Google translation is pretty amazing.

Divine revelations machine

Heidegger argued that death allows the person to remain at last alone with himself. Home movie director Truls Krane Meby, the boy sneaks through the rooms of the parent at home, if it is confirmed. Before the light enters the frame death. It keeps track of the boy, but when he runs into the street to play and chase a younger brother, he turns into a death, hunting for someone. Always hunting and waits. So within a single frame, which lasts more than three minutes, the hero-boy appears in two forms: the victim's death and deadly hunter.

At the end of a long mizankadra included in the film and in the house death without masking through the ringer. The news gets the boy's mother, wearing a new life. There is a dichotomy of either beginning or end, or circular harmony, closing the loop, using a circling camera that monitors gyres boy. Boy playing in the death of a boy, shooting, boy, tearing the stomach's younger brother, a boy to compete with life. The viewer is prepared this whirling and changing roles within the same role and at the time of the phone call, he was ready, he expects death. You can not say about the daring boy ...

And then begins the mounting film with frequent gluing, between which there are no additional expectations and new semantic meanings. Meanings tell of adults, parents, losing their strength and time, in general, chewed what was in the initial three-minute mizankadre. Adults and parents removed in passing, in the icing, only children - large, long-silent personally in Bergman. Children meet with death, which was previously only modestly lived in them, and now looked them in the eye, children are left without a protective layer of the parent, children, exposing the life of children, under the radiant eyes of the Creator.


I am currently in Just Withnail's childhood home, where GOOD MACHINE GUN SOUND was shot. I had dinner with his mother, who is very nice. Soon I will become him, and the Universe will collapse on itself, but until then, I recommend that everybody come visit this incredibly beautiful place (Lofoten, Norway). All it takes is time and money.

Just Withnail

It's worth noting that I am nowhere near Lofoten myself at the moment, and that Matt is indeed taking over my life in my absence. And miles away I can feel myself slowly mattifying.


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All it takes is time and money.

the word 'money' must always be all-capped, font-size 50'd and bolded whenever used in reference to Scandinavia


Oh and I also stayed with the family of the kid from WORLD WIDE WOVEN BODIES.


I want to write a movie about matt stealing people's lives.

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I want to write a movie about matt stealing people's lives.

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Didn't Matt go boating with Pubrick right before he stopped posting?
He held on. The dolphin and all the rest of its pod turned and swam out to sea, and still he held on. This is it, he thought. Then he remembered that they were air-breathers too. It was going to be all right.