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Spoiler Warning in Spoiler Thread

I'm not ready to answer your other questions yet, but
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2. What was Peggy upset at Lancaster about when she jerked him off into the sink?  It seemed like this was a reaction to Freddie's tryst with Lancaster's "Daughter".

Drinking.  I believe the words were "you have to give up the hooch".  This is in line with the next scene where she tells Freddie to stop boozing or leave the house.

Yes, but before that, she said that she doesn't care what he does (pretty sure she was implying sexually) with other people as long as she doesn't find out and others don't, but that whatever he had done that night (there was no scene with him drinking that night) was not okay. I think she was saying he needed to give up the hooch so he wouldn't do whatever it was that she was mad about.... man, that makes very little sense as I type it out, but still... I get the feeling he did something "Naughty" sexually and she was mad and wanted him to stop drinking so he wouldn't do it any more.


I came back here to say how Kubrickian that fucking movie theater scene was. It might as well have been Grady that brought him that phone.


For people who have seen the film:

An in-depth, fresh review with great analysis:

A review stating the film's flaws through thorough analysis(while still stating that it's PTA's best film :?: ):



I saw the master yesterday at the movie palace on w 54. I saw luis guzman
Pta was in austin but amy adams and harvey weinstein were in the building as well as the girl who played doris.

The movie itself was like the poster advertised a 3 way battle. We get to see pta delve into the surreal here. J.P kicks a toliet and it explodes. jp and psh give exhilarating performances.
Favorite scene: the end starting at the bar

Sadly not in the movie the whole burlesque/cousin "i've been licking pussy all summer"/treasure in Harlem. Also my favorite line from the script "there are secrets in alchool this is booze"

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Baraka seemed like a huge influence on the grandeur and mood of the piece. The first scene of The Master is a complete homage to it. Like Baraka, the music is loud and disruptive and then cuts out and disappears until you completely miss it.

Freddie and Dodd were similar to Lenny and George Of Mice and Men.  Dodd is Freddie's protector of himself in a way. Also, the Scientology factor cannot be expressed enough, specifically the David Miscavige bulldog quality of Freddie, with Dodd being his master just like L Ron.   

There is defintitely love; Dodd expresses it thoroughly when Freddie is getting arrested by saying 'don't hurt him' ect ect. Its revealing and I think the first time we know for certain that there is love. Someone else said really love Dodd for the scoundrel he is. 

When they wrestle welcome after jail,  it felt like Tommy Boy with Chris Farley and David Spade.  The camaraderie and guy jokes...its all there.  And the sense of love both fraternal and paternal between the two men are the most enduring parts of the movie.

The introduction of Quell into the family is quick and very forced upon, and it creates for some very fish out of water moments that walk the same line but talk a different game than PTA's older films. The whole time I felt that Freddie was a lot like Eddie Adams in that here's a kid with a gift (makes great liquor) and needs a place to live. 

The shot when Dodd is racing the motorcycle and the family all walk out of the car is a great image of maybe 'dad on vacation' where all the kids watch their dad make a fool of himself.   Its so well framed and balanced, speaking on the equality they find for Freddie in the family. 

Freddie is either a bull in a china shop or a queer on the wall in most scenes.  Its new territory by nature because of the time period and backdrop...homework was done and PTA scored an A.

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I have a question concerning the dissonance between the trailers and the finished film (I haven't seen the latter). Can anyone who has actually watched the film confirm whether or not these scenes from the trailer are included?

1. Phoenix yelling, "Just tell me something that's true!" in the jail cell.
2. Hoffman's line, "I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher, but above all, I am a man. A hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you."

Are both of those in the final film?

Thanks for anyone who can help me out with this!


Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


Really? I guess it all gets jumbled in my head since I've seen the trailer a bunch...


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1. isn't.

So, just to be absolutely clear, Phoenix's "Just tell me something that's true!" isn't included, but the "hopelessly inquisitive" remark is?


Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.