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Started by MacGuffin, March 22, 2005, 12:43:47 AM

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If you didn't think the other two had corny dialogue, maybe you should watch .

Part 2 admittedly had way less cheesy lines.


That trailer was fucking awesome...it's such a shame that this movie will suck.


i thought that was the worst of all the trailers for showing the first chunk or most of the movie chronologically. i'm disappointed with venom being thin rather than a hulk/animal built from pure spidey hate and somehow having a spidey suit outline under the black..

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The worse this movie is, the more fun I'll have watching it drunk on Cinco de Mayo!  Can't wait!


I'm joining the crowds at midnight tonight. I haven't read the reviews yet, but I'm pretty much expecting this to be terrible.


I'm also going at midnight!
I can't wait to see the conor oberst spiderman  :bravo:
I fucking hated spiderman 2, yet i'm still so excited. I wish they only came out with really good trailers and just locked the movies away. That would be sweet.


This movie is re-goddamn-tarded. I expected it to be bad, but still, I couldn't believe what I was watching half the time. Neither could the rest of the theater, apparently, since everyone was laughing throughout at (and rarely at the intentionally funny stuff) and there was a loud round of booing at the end.

For the record, I think the second one is one of the best action movies ever. This one sets a few records, too, mainly for some of the worst screenwriting I've ever seen in my life.


hahaha wow. could you make a list of the worst/most ridiculous moments?

this one sounds full of em darth-vader-NOOOOO!-like moments. i can't believe i told a girl i was looking forward to it.. :oops:
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Exactly what GB said... I really was laughing toward the end, it got so bad.  Maybe when I get time, I can list out the bad/ridiculous moments (like SPOILERS: where the butler shows up out of nowhere like he's been a major character the whole time and tells him he knows Spiderman didn't kill his father "I've seen a LOT of things in this house".)


Quote from: Pubrick on May 04, 2007, 06:57:07 AM
this one sounds full of em darth-vader-NOOOOO!-like moments.

While I was watching the movie, I kept thinking about how restrained that moment felt in comparison...

That scene RK mentions has to be seen to be believed. It's really astounding. Another one worth mentioning is Stan Lee's egregious cameo, showing up to tell Peter Parker some platitude about being a hero and having responsibility or something like that, and then actually saying "Nuff said!" and walking away while the camera holds to let Peter contemplate this. I think this was actually the first time I threw up in my mouth a little bit during the film..


Yeah saw it last night,
Let's get this out of the way: the action scenes were pretty fucking radical.
Spidey fighting Harry at the beginning was so so sweet (even though we saw it on the net).
Sandman = cool. I like Thomas Hayden Church.
Topher Grace was good AS Eddie Brock...not venom.
Bruce Cambell = funny stuff.

People were also laughing throughout the flick, loads of peopls even walked out ! It was hilarious.
Tobey Maguire is so bad that at parts I really felt embarrassed for him. And Emo spiderman is beyond gay.

Venom is such a choke I couldn't believe it. And what the fuck was everybody doing crying? I agree with Ghostboy - possible the worst script ever.

Oh, and Sam Raimi is on crack.

Also check out this review over at aintitcool...it's dead on.



I've been looking forward to this a great deal and now I'm getting worried. My determination to enjoy this is less shaken than it would've been however, after reading an article inspired by Spiderman 3  entitled "the Curse of the Third installment". Three Colours Red was cited as a glowing example of a film that bucked the trend. This caused my eyes to roll out of their sockets.
\"I wanted to make a film for kids, something that would present them with a kind of elementary morality. Because nowadays nobody bothers to tell those kids, \'Hey, this is right and this is wrong\'.\"
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spoilers/unstructured rambling

next time i kill a few people and steal lots of money i should remember to apologize to spider-man before escaping.

also it was really bizzarre how women were turned on and off by evil peter moment after moment in that montage.

and why the fuck didn't the butler just tell harry about his father before?

and how the shit did spider-man take a little piece of his suit off his suit to give to the professor? wasn't it supposed to be really hard to break apart/take off? the fact that there's no scene explaining this shows there's no explanation.

the stan lee cameo is the epitome of the funny carelessness that stains most of the movie.

sand man turning into sand and then a man was really nice. and the crane rescue..

they should've just forgotten the comics and made harry venom.. or done a better job of showing how much eddie hated spider-man. or not had venom at all. the cartoon did a way better job of that story.

"isn't that that guy from that prison break?" is getting into walker texas ranger territory of golden shit.

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I just saw an ad with an Earl Dittman review. This movie must be fucking terrible.
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