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who likes vinyl?

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Reply #15 on: May 07, 2018, 11:02:15 PM
Wow, almost 15 years ago I needed a needle. That predated the vinyl resurgence helped by RSD. I did get a needle and it worked for a while. I think the whole player needs worked on. That's the crappy side of vinyl - the players and needles. I next got a player with the capability to rip the music to my computer and it messed up fast. It was fun when most records were $5 or less. Now they reissue those some records for $30.

One of the fun ones was after Hasting's started carrying used/new vinyl. I got Notorious BIG Life After Death 3xLP for .75. I think it was marked .99 and they had a 25% off sale.

It seems like some vinyl is going on sale. It may have hit the peak and is kinda going down. They were mass producing overpriced stuff that wasn't selling. Some of the pricing is ridiculous. My Hasting's had a Shins 7" single of 2 tracks from an album - not even an exclusive b-side or anything unique (maybe it was released before the full album?) - for $9.99. You could just pay a little more and get those 2 tracks and the rest of the album. After the album was out for years, they never marked it down or anything and the single just sat there.
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