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Started by Drenk, October 12, 2021, 02:58:04 PM

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Quote from: Drenk on December 03, 2021, 09:58:57 PM
First official announcement.

EDIT: I realized there's my name on the link, so you need to add it to get access.  :yabbse-grin:


Not pleased with some marketing elements there. The way #ARAB is an hashtag, for example. And I've also talked about not using one specific word so I'll complain again.

But hey, this is real!

Congrats! Google translate renders out praise, seems like good first press.



Nice work!  :inlove:

(Man, I missed my high school days when I studied French and I had to read Marcel Pagnol's Marius for my certification. I always say I need to brush up on the language sometime and I always delay it)


Very cool!

Would anyone mind posting an English translation?



Congrats Drenk! I'm sure this feels surreal for you  :-D


Quote from: Reelist on December 04, 2021, 11:12:25 AM
Very cool!  Would anyone mind posting an English translation?

Yeah, I'm missing out on the excitement.  This is something written by...or about?


Drenk wrote a novel which is being published, and the link posted yesterday is the first official media announcement/preview of it.
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It's out in the world. People are taking pretty pictures of the book and some are even reading it.  :yabbse-smiley:

For now, I've only received very positive feedback—there's hope that people who love it may want to share it around them. I had faith in the novel, but I'm surprised to learn that readers can read it as a page-turner. It's in no way a thriller! There's a lot of mundane stuff happening that can appear boring! But I wanted the novel to be thrilling and challenging. I'm a peculiar kind of reader, there are novels I find fun that a lot of people despise, so I had no certainty that my gut feeling would be shared easily. That's comforting.



Fuck yeah, Drenk! Exciting. Eagerly anticipating the translation ;p


Very cool, congrats! I'd like to know the synopsis if there's an english translation?


I'm taking a french crash course myself. Reading it in a couple of months.