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This was exhilarating. I'm very stoic about horror movies but the exact moment when the real nature of the threat was revealed, even before Daniel Kaluuya said it explicitly, I had to lean back because of how scared I was of the oncoming thing.

I could say some shit about
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"not looking at the camera" type stuff, about the alien being cinema itself
but I don't have to. This was so fucking fun.

Jeremy Blackman

This was a fun ride but left me cold. It's thematically rich on paper but felt thematically thin in execution. Daniel Kaluuya had the only performance magnetic enough to work as intended, I think. Kiki Palmer had an explosive first scene, but from there she left very little impression on me. And I needed a lot more Steven Yeun.

I don't know, it just felt like the whole thing was at odds with itself...

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Capturing the creature on film was ostensibly the mission, but the way it played out seemed really half-baked to me. Our protagonists are doing it right because it's their story to tell, but the TMZ guy is doing it wrong because he's an interloper. I get that. But Steven Yeun is doing it wrong for other reasons. And the cinematographer is doing it wrong because he's... overzealous or something?

That's just not even remotely close to being as interesting or intense as "Us" or "Get Out." This felt more like an M. Night riff that mostly came out as a decent popcorn action movie.


As soon as I realised that there were going to be chapter titles within the film, I started to worry. They're almost always a bad sign.

Really expect the critical and audience reputation of this movie to nosedive quite quickly once the hype has completely worn off. Although of course its reception was very mixed from the outset.