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Reply #15 on: October 19, 2019, 08:33:59 PM

I was convinced that you were someone else. You are probably my new favorite profile.

not entirely sure what that means but i'll take it as a compliment.


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Reply #16 on: February 01, 2021, 09:58:38 AM
For those here with Letterbox accounts, pd187 is a must-follow: his account is a treasure trove of reviews and lists of forgotten/esoteric trash and cult genre movies.
An account to admire if only becuz they watch such eclectic selects.

unearths docs such as, COINTELPRO: The FBI’s War on Black America
vital historical & material analysis of the facts. one of the essential documentaries; watch youtu.be/LYbxsXBYyk0
and creates mega mixes,
Santa's papal thyrsus P.I.N.E. staff (human s-pine) connects to your conical pine-al gland as his "Satan Clause" in a legal DNA document whereby the E.T./E.L.F. "gods" of Saturn legally own our X chromosomes through their Gamete Intra-Fallopian Tube/Transfer process, or "G.I.F.T."s / all-new ysl mothmane christxma$$ minimix (30:00) for the seazon, feat. bricc baby shitro, buck owens, louis farrakhan, the smurfs, lil romeo/hilary duff, etc:

and does that dope letterboxd thing where review iz really personal journal,
for a 2010s conspiradoc about a fixture of lazy right-wing fearmongering (alex jones has like 3 movies on em) this take on the guidestones is shockingly original, thoughtful & well-researched, even if it takes a jesus-y turn towards the end (at least pluralist/not xenophobic about it). could potential "r.c. christian" herbert kersten be related to the gary kirsten that harrassed (atlantan) kerry thornley?? stay tuned. . .

187-heads may know i grew up near elberton on the s.c. border and my hippie mom dragged me to the guidestones several times as a kid (when i moved to athens me and some weirdos drove out there one night to take mushrooms & watch a meteor shower....) but something you never hear anybody mention about this bizarre, bedrock-esque "granite capital of the world" is its sister city of mure, japan (pop. 18,000, kita district/kagawa prefecture) known for a similar stone (granite!) monument built by sculptor isamu noguchi in 1982, right after the 3/22/80 dedication of georgia's stonehenge:


the ngo/lannan*-funded noguchi has no direct link to the guidestones i can uncover but he tried for decades to build an ultramod rothko(ccf/cia)-style "playscape" outside the U.N. in new york, before finally completing it in 1976 for atlanta's piedmont park, where it remains today:


i have a theory the guidestones were central to making atlanta the new laurel canyon, with "mumble rap" used to hide coded/thelemic/adamic language, mantras & encantations (future: "reprogramming my brain, i was in training," thugger's 3-headed snake, "i was with obama," egypt, pharaohs, medusa, astrology) but thats another review. anyway this is on tubi & pr1me - check it out!

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