magnolia opening music

Started by Dendy, April 14, 2003, 11:03:29 PM

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No, that's not what I'm thinking of...

I can't believe this.. Sphinx, look through your files and get yourself together... sigh...


This audio deconstruction was top work. A highlight of the old boards. Musta taken alot of effort. I accidentally deleted it only a couple weeks ago, and tried to undelete it but no luck. Would be very grateful if it was posted again, and even more if the isolated audio was too!
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Quote from: sphinx on April 14, 2003, 11:16:36 PMactually i did a complete audio deconstruction of the opening of magnolia on the old board which nobody fucking saw.  there's a lot of crazy shit in there, i think i still have some of the files

i actually found, isolated, and recognized
- phil and earl having a conversation backwards that isn't in the movie
- fiona apple harmonizing with an irritating beep
- pta chanting
- sounds from the boogie nights credits
- muffled dialogue from an movie ("it's my hometown, i know exactly where it is")
- machine guns

and more.  i'll try and finds those files later

Dang! How do we unearth this?


I just checked, and Wayback Machine has archives of the message board, but not the individual threads themselves. You can literally look at the Magnolia board and see Sphinx's thread on it, but the contents thereof are lost to history.  :yabbse-sad: 
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Hmm. Maybe if we could determine the method, one of us could separete the 5.1 audio channel from a DVD or Blu Ray of ours and mess around with it on Audition? It'd be extracting that audio file that i dont know how to do, but i'd be willing to sit in an edit suite and help parse out that audio to recreate what Sphinx once made.