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Started by MacGuffin, March 06, 2010, 01:31:22 AM

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i don't give two shits about the arcade fire. they can rot on the street for all i care, and i had no knowledge of the song before it was used in the trailer. so doesn't that and Polky's statement completely and absolutely destroy your argument?

your argument is based on false arbitrary premises that you obviously just made up. firstly, that the trailer was popular cos everyone LOVES the arcade fire. what the fuck? ok old man.. maybe like 2-5 years ago SOME hipsters here did but that was hardly representative of everyone. it's not like it was a radiohead song or something. secondly that an objective analysis of the sound design and editing techniques of a trailer must be considered when assessing the worth of a trailer.. how bout does it get you hell excited to see the movie?

what does the longevity of the song hav to do with anything? i've already forgotten who the arcade fire is but the synthesis of the music and visuals, and bits of dialogue, in the trailer is what i remembered and will look back upon with nostalgia when i'm too old and crabby to care at all about movies. almost everything feels dated eventually. it's called, i dunno, the passage of time. but the emotional reaction many of us had to the trailer and the expectations that it could be the greatest film of all time (not quite met) is something we will look back on fondly. equipped with 20/20 hindisight we won't feel embarrassed about a "dated song", we will feel the bittersweet passage of a time in our lives when we could unabashedly believe in "silly monsters".

i'm glad i could still feel that.
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i voted for Serious Man on the merit that picolas addressed, but i did make the following statement after seeing the WTWTA trailer...

Quote from: brockly on March 29, 2009, 01:35:40 AM
most anticipated movie....ever?

and as i recall, there was very little exaggeration in that comment, so it was definately the most powerful trailer of the year for me. really though i could hav got behind any of these trailers winning (a single man notwithstanding). but anyone who's loosing hope in humanity as a result of this award needs to get laid asap. socket, i'm being serious, man.


This is giving me a headache. I'm deeming this debate over based on overwhelmingly convincing arguments from RK, Alexandro, Polka and P. Socketlevel get over it already.


Quote from: ρ on March 17, 2010, 08:50:44 PM
secondly that an objective analysis of the sound design and editing techniques of a trailer must be considered when assessing the worth of a trailer.. how bout does it get you hell excited to see the movie?

It gets you excited because you feel it in your shorts... Or at least i do. And if I'm an old man, then you're a menopausal woman, so why don't we just keep it to the issues without going there.

Seriously, I was waiting for this to be brought up. since there are not two awards for trailers, one being the most affective in selling the movie and the other being artistic merit i was forced to make my own criteria for 'best'. heck maybe best is the combination of the two. in the end i came to value artistic merit over successful marketing tool as my guidelines. when i went to vote i did it on each trailer as a self contained piece, not on the bankable nature to successfully appeal toward a demographic.  I'm not hating on movies that make a trailer to make money, or ones that really excite you to see the final product, because that's the nature of the industry and the form. I'm fine with it, I just don't have to like them either.  Awards tend to exist under the premise (sadly you can substitute the word guise if you wish) of being artistic accolades not billboard lists. so i stayed true to that sentiment. unless you make two categories for trailers, I don't think how 'excited to see the movie' has anything to do with the word "best". I'm interpreting the award one way, and you the other.

side note, i actually liked the WTWTA completed film more than a serious man (which isn't saying much considering i didn't really care for either) so it's not like i got my fanboy on. not saying anyone is suggesting that, just clearing the air on it if anyone was curious.

polka i agree with your mind and heart observation. however i think that a vast majority of said heart comes from the song, which is an easy ploy IMO. the bottom line is the type of trailer WTWTA is kinda bores me. the best moment in the trailer is the beginning and the moment they cut to the music... it spirals into cliche after that. On the other hand A serious man had to actually work hard for it's effect, which you don't see nearly as often, so that's another reason i admire it more.

brockly my humanity statement was a joke, while being disappointed i was being overly dramatic. and not with the intent to spark debate, truthfully just because i thought people would see it as such an outlandish comment.
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I want to follow along with this, but I can't read more than two sentences about a debate over fucking trailers...


i know, it's really bizarre that sock has taken this one to heart..
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i didn't like either.


Quote from: ρ on March 18, 2010, 06:57:56 PM
i know, it's really bizarre that sock has taken this one to heart..

haha, exit stage left after monologue.

i'm debating a point, and taken nothing to heart. surprised you're marginalizing trailers GT, wasn't expecting that.
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