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on: August 24, 2017, 12:47:33 PM

Director : Robin Campillo.

Grand Prix : Cannes 2017.

IMDB says to me that it will be at the New-York festival. Go see it if you're a New-Yorker and if you can get a ticket. And it will get a limited release in the States in october.

Well. This is a movie about activists. They talk. They tell stories. They prepare things. Campillo makes every scene thrilling. He controls the chaos. He controls the calm. He is a storyteller. People are moved by this movie. It is a very moving movie so we hear a lot about the subject. The disease. Death. But it isn't loved only because of that, Campillo made a great movie in the vein of Pialat and Kechiche but he has also his own voice. It's as lyrical as it is realist.

It shows these activists as a living organism.