INHERENT VICE (No Major Spoilers)

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Quote from: Punch on October 08, 2014, 12:29:54 PM
the reason why I see it as wrong is becuase its a constant stereotype the obese angry black mammy but its a toss up if this is how you see negros then fine & i never said pta couldnt write woman characters i think he has.

Again, I that's where I wish there was more in the film that was in the shooting script...
it seems like this movie is full of stereotypes, as a jumping off point, that then gets deeper into their layers of being. Like the Cop is more than just a "Cop", the Junkie is more than just a "Junkie", the Trophy Wife, etc.
So did Marcie have a deeper story wherein she was a protector to her son and grandson by eliminating an abusive force in their lives. So I totally agree with you, and am cursed with knowing there was SO much more that could be made of that role in just a scene or two.

Aight, I'm done talking Magnolia! onto the IV!

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Just occurred to me... Do people remember the scene in Hard Eight where Sydney is talking to Clementine... she's sitting on the bed and he's standing right in front of her? That was an especially memorable bit from the commentary track. PTA talked about how intimidating/threatening/phallic that position felt to him and described how intentional that was. Maybe worth revisiting for this conversation.


I've got a question for the majorspoiler squad. Is there a scene in this akin to the frogs in Maggie, the ending to twbb, the processing scene in The Master? I don't mean in terms of content but similar in a "holy fuck" woah nowthatssomething" kinda way. ik that almost every moment in his films r like that but i mean these especially, in a way that the critics and casual viewers see them as the most memorable/especially abstract and big, and they often hold a large space in the films space in ur mind and seem to be the crescendo.

The way IV's been described so far and from reviews there doesn't seem to be somethin like this, but whas ur guys perspective?Please dont give away what scene in actually is or any majorspoils though haha, i jus wanna know some vague y/n type answer


Evidently, I need to do a better job of committing to my "no spoilers" approach, but since I'm here, I must ask: Larry, where is that image from? It's great. It looks like a scan. If so, do you know which magazine it was taken from?


Critics got it at the press screening. Booklet. I don't know the exact word. It was the picture for Doc's bio.


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'Inherent Vice' Set For Gala Screening At AFI Fest

aka the festival pubrick shittalked last year for one of his personal satisfactions

that's my festival return zinger and if anything i'm another person who's said the p name as part of his incantation

i have to text people brb

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that's my festival return zinger and if anything i'm another person who's said the p name as part of his incantation

Pubes didnt come for IV trailer = It's safe to say he's deceased ("He's dead, Jim")....... or went to another forum (110% unlikely).

I miss Pubrick's 10/10 shitting on people posts. If someone communicates with him, tell him his hostility is dearly missed.

Now back to IV....
We fought against the day and we won... WE WON.

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certainly things like that, and it's cool to see the scroll bar of nominations they want to grab, but these are five various theaters. it's general marketing to movie people. i figured that out from the director's guild being mentioned. the aero is part of the american cinematheque. two other theaters i haven't been to, and i think the warner bros one is on some lot or something

none of those theaters are academy theaters. the academy doesn't work itself as marketing so much, and iv will play there on the saturday or sunday after its limited release, and there'll be a q&a and i'll be there


FILLER. nothin but filler here....

This is probably nonsense. or has been discussed. or dismissed. But I stumbled upon this old taint it cool article from the Fincher/testicular period that includes a letter from spazzy PTA. I found his comments on Scott Rudin interesting considering their relationship in film nowadays. more interesting is this foreshadowing moment from PT when he talks about meeting Rudin who held the rights to Underworld at the time, which he considered adapting. From all that's been said/read of how faithful he's been to IV, it seems pretty spot on that this is the one. more or less....?

Whatever...all the things met in the middle, I went to meet him, honestly not knowing how the fuck I would ever do it as a movie.....I didn't love it sooooo much that I would just say, "fuck it, I'm gonna shoot every word and see what happens..." Which is what I want to do one day when a book really catches my fancy......and I just talked with him a bit....Scott Rudin is very interesting.

interesting, kinda? no? old news? too much sunday scotch..??


Keep drinking that scotch if it produces gems like this