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Has anyone been curious about the quiet shift from Annapurna to Warner Bros? That's a huge deal.
It's not really. I think AP wanted to make the movie but WB prob just made a better offer. Def no bad blood or anything.

I was wondering exactly the same, glad to hear that there's no bad blood about AP not producing Vice, one question...

so AP didn't have a signed deal to make Vice? I mean, did WB made the deal directly with PTA camp or did they bought it from AP?

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Bigger question is: What's in this script (and/or who's in the cast) that made WB want to fork over the dough? Cause you know PTA still has final cut and approval over all the marketing.

I think WB finally realized that PTA is the one.


I know we always think it's going to happen, but could this one actually be PTA's first taste of commercial success?

On the one hand, WB wouldn't have fought off Annapurna if they didn't think so. On the other hand, he's already flushed away a sizable chunk of box office by not casting RDJ in the lead.

There's only one man who can guarantee this film becomes the runaway hit that it deserves to be. And that man is Cheech Marin. (no offense to Kevin J. O'Connor)
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Boogie Nights was PTA's first 'big hit' in that it grossed tripled its budget (roughly 45mil on a 15mil budget) not including home video, which at the time of VHS and DVDs, was a huge profit margin.  It gave him leverage to make any movie he wanted and that film was Magnolia.  AP was probably turned by the Master underperforming.  Its the black sheep out of the bunch as its the only film AP has financed that hasn't made its money back, so on a business front it makes complete sense not to take the risk.

And yes!, Cheech would be a great addition as this film will play well as a 'serious' stoner comedy/drama/thriller.   
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I think WB finally realized that PTA is the one.

This could definitely be it.

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Quote from: polkablues on May 06, 2013, 06:02:34 PMI know we always think it's going to happen, but could this one actually be PTA's first taste of commercial success?

We were saying that before PDL, and it turned out to be his weirdest movie.

For those who have read the book, how much flexibility is there here? Is it likely to be near either end of the commercial/weird spectrum?
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With anyone else, it could really go either way.

But I hope PTA squishes all the weird he can out of it.

Like I can imagine David Gordon Green's Inherent Vice (douchebag comedy David Gordon Green) without too much difficulty but really, it'll be hard to pin down where Paulo takes is.


Benicio Del Toro in talks to play...Sauncho, I guess.

QuoteWell, it looks like we aren't the only ones dropping "Inherent Vice" casting news today. The Wrap is reporting that Benicio Del Toro may be joining the film as well (though the studio has yet to confirm his involvement). According to the report Del Toro will be playing "an attorney who's always trying to help the protagonist out of trouble, though he's not an actual criminal lawyer. The character isn't a major role but is expected to be a potential scene-stealer" which would seem to indicate he'll be playing Doc's lawyer, Sauncho Smilax. His leading role in the underrated "Che" aside, it's been a while since we've seen Del Toro really tear into a really great role like his brilliant late 90s/early 00s streak ("Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas," "Traffic," "21 Grams," "The Usual Suspects," etc.), so this is definitely exciting news. Filming on 'Vice' is set to get underway later this month so there should be lots more casting announcements to come. And if you're involved with the production, why don't you drop us a line?



Joaquin's comeback to Cannes this month will be with...this head... :yabbse-grin:



He's got a little Danny McBride going on...
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He looks like Tony Clifton.

It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

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Owen Wilson in Negotiations to Join Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice'

"Wilson's role is being kept secret, but TheWrap has learned he will play one of the leads."

Woah. I've never even considered the prospect of Owen Wilson in a PTA film, but him opposite Joaquin sounds kinda awesome. Those familiar with the book, who do you think he'll be playing?


Wow.  He's been out of it both figuratively and literally since his suicide attempt a few years ago.  Leave it to PTA to bring him back.  Anticipation rising!