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Jeremy Blackman

The consensus seems to be that Cersei will die this season. But I guess I agree with you. That seems less certain now that Euron might be a legitimate adversary for Daenerys at sea.

Also, rewatching the episode, and getting a good look at Euron's fleet, I think I should retract my opinion that he had enough time to build them. Looks like it would take a month to build one of those things. Unless they're prefab.


To: which villains would be left off?

The White Walkers.


What's the probability the Waif is wearing Arya's face?


Quote from: Drenk on July 23, 2017, 04:37:44 PM
To: which villains would be left off?

The White Walkers.

I know, I mentioned them but more than villains they are a threat (the biggest), but we don't see them making plans against their enemies (the living), they only go forward. I'm not sure the show can have only that, and the rest just figuring out how to beat them.



Damn, the story is moving fast.

So much for theorizing, Elaria and the sand snakes are done and so is Yara, or so it looked like she was hanged and WTF Theon, he's useless, what the hell can he do now? what is he good for?

Aside from that looks like Jon will meet Daenerys sooner rather than later, that should be interesting.


Thoroughly enjoyable episode. Considerably better than the last one.

Things are moving fast and things are intersecting. So good.

I was worried Tyrion would be useless like in the last season so his presence in this episode was most welcome.

I think Theon is almost too broken to fix. He couldn't win that situation in any way. Feel sorry for Yara though. She and Ellaria are Cersei's gift it seems.

Euron's laugh at the end of the sequence was magnificent.

Jeremy Blackman

Agreed, the end of that scene is a standout moment. Incredible acting. And I think Mylod really stepped up in general.

So much is happening now. I'm overwhelmed. We actually got to see Olenna counseling Daenerys! And could she have given better advice?

The plan to capture King's Landing without Daenerys's forces was an okay political idea, but it was immediately obvious that was not going to work. I would guess their best shot is to take Casterly Rock and attack King's Landing by land. I would rather have those dragons scorching battlefields than contending with Euron (who, by the way, is far more terrifying than Cersei). The ballistas are... something... but any dragon worth its weight is going to dodge those, right? The scene with Qyburn actually revealed Cersei's weakness — that she doesn't have something innovative to deal with the dragons.

Varys knocked it out of the park in his big scene — both the actor and the character. It's great to get all of that out there. And I think I believe him. Love that it ended with a mutual understanding. Dany respects his straightforwardness.

So many random character things made me happy. Tyrion vouching for Jon. Sansa vouching for Tyrion! It's playing out exactly how I hoped. The only thing missing: Daenerys and Jon need to understand each other. This goes beyond their immediate practical needs — they need to understand what their camps have in common ideologically. Can they sit down and have a heart-to-heart?

When Jon left Winterfell, his little conflict with Sansa actually played out to both his and her advantage. Sansa showed that she has strong feelings about the North and loyalty, surely stirring the emotions of all the Stark-lovers in the room. You could really see Ned in Sansa's principled defiance. So everyone the Starks need to keep loyal are totally on board with Sansa. She proved herself right before she took power. Which was given to her, not sought, bestowing even more honor. I feel like this is explicitly setting the stage for Sansa eventually ruling the North on her own.

Arya is definitely dispatching Littlefinger when she gets back home, right? It would be funny if she uses a face that's already in her portfolio and frames the murder on a dead person.

Littlefinger, by the way, has no clue what he's doing. Just riding the wave of chaos until something clicks. And I really don't think it's going to happen for him.


I pretty much loved everything in this episode.

There has been a lot emotional scenes over the years but these Arya scenes takes the price for me personally. The first one when she heard about Jon and then the second one with Nymeria... I don't know why, maybe because she has been my favorite character since the beginning. The emotional payoffs in these scenes are so good because the first seasons feels so long ago. I'm not sure if i'm ready for Arya meeting Jon tho, haha.

The only thing I kinda disliked was the last scene. It happened so abruptly and felt so rushed but I guess that was the point too, so whatever... enjoyed everything else quite a bit!

Oh, and Sam. You are the best.


They've been trying to get rid off everything about Dorne since a long time, so, yes, I didn't really enjoy the ending, it feels like forwarding the easiest chess match possible. But the rest of the episode was solid. My favorite episode since a long time. Great characters moments. Even for Arya!


Echoing what's been said. Loved everything about the episode and it's thrilling to see everyone coming together. When I watched all of GoT last year in 3 months, it was blowing my mind how long it was taking for characters like Jon and Dany to even cross paths or know of each others existence, but the more you watch the more you understand how it's all carefully planned. The fact that this is happening now it's incredible.

The Dorne sisters had to go unfortunately. They weren't my favorite characters because they were always talking too much and doing too little. I mean you expect to take Euron down with a whip? That scene was driving me crazy because I kept feeling (hoping) that Euron was getting stabbed but he wasn't really.

The Jorah scene, my god that was painful. I could feel it in my own skin. Arya finding our her siblings are still alive was so great. And the fact that everyone stood up for Tyrion was awesome. I honestly wish I had waited two more years and just watched the whole thing at once because the waiting for each episode after binging on 6 seasons all at once is too much!


I'll be the outlier here and say I didn't love this episode. Everything felt rushed and that battle was so poorly shot. It was a geographical mess and there was no sense of where they came from, how they were able to sneak up, or how many people were involved.

Sam and Arya are saving the season so far. Gonna be sad when Arya misses Jon.


Arya missing Jon is a running gag at this point.

Jeremy Blackman

Quote from: Jeremy Blackman on July 22, 2017, 10:49:20 AMWe got a whole scene late last season with Jaime reaffirming his undying loyalty to Cersei. And Jaime has a somewhat separate responsibility to the Lannister armed forces. So what will Cersei have to do? Probably more mad king stuff? Torturing people in public, etc. I can see that.

How about this: Cersei tortures Ellaria (and/or her daughter) in public for killing Myrcella. (Minor Spoiler!) Actually, next week's episode is called The Queen's Justice, so something like that seems all but certain.

I can see that turning Jaime. Then we see him reluctantly/angrily leading the Lannister forces. He'll deserve that torment, too.

Quote from: RegularKarate on July 24, 2017, 11:01:20 AM[...] That battle was so poorly shot. It was a geographical mess and there was no sense of where they came from, how they were able to sneak up, or how many people were involved.

I agree on the surface. Mark Mylod is not a great action director. (We got so spoiled last season.) But I think it works for the scene. We take the POV of those who are ambushed, so it shouldn't be clear where they came from. The ensuing fight does have some problems (I thought Euron was getting stabbed, but apparently not), but I did properly feel the chaos and terror of that situation.

As for things feeling rushed, I have absolutely no problem with that. We are now in the era of payoffs. That's going to keep happening.


Are we sure Arya's actually going through with heading back to Winterfell? I interpreted her interaction with Nymeria as a realization that she's changed too much to go back to the way things were. "That's not you" means both that Nymeria has become a wild animal that needs to roam free, and that Arya is now a magical murder ninja whose sole purpose is bloody justice.
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Jeremy Blackman

I think it's just the former, not the latter. Realizing that Nymeria is wild makes sense. But I don't think that encounter was enough to make her change course again. It would be weird from a storytelling perspective to have her switch directions and head to Winterfell, then switch directions back and resume where she was going, all in one episode. Her face didn't say "I'm going the wrong way" to me at all. Just coming to peace with Nymeria's autonomy.