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Jeremy Blackman

Official trailer. As usual, a little spoilery.


Quote from: Jeremy Blackman on May 24, 2017, 01:22:44 PM
Official trailer. As usual, a little spoilery.

You mean the Daenerys scenes right? Other than those there isn't much info, but she is shown at what it appears to be Casterly Rock, which means she landed safely, not that I thought she would be killed in a battle crossing the narrow sea.


GoT season 7

1 : People walk slowly.
2 : People walk faster.
3 : People prepare for battle.
4 : Battle #1
5 : Battle #2
6 : Battle #3
7 : People are worried.

Jeremy Blackman

I like that Sansa appears to be giving us a new version of Jack's "live together, die alone" speech. My two favorite shows are converging!

Going into Season 7, this has really been on my mind:

Quote from: Jeremy Blackman on August 09, 2016, 02:25:39 PMAegon Targaryen conquered Westeros with three dragons. Sound familiar? I imagined he had a fleet of them, but nope, just three. With those dragons, he was able to instantly immolate entire battlefields of soldiers, or burn everything inside a castle and essentially melt the stone. Nuclear weapons are an apt comparison. I suspect we haven't seen in the show how powerful Dany's dragons actually are... not even close.

Just to reiterate: Dragons of this size can literally melt castles and burn an entire battlefield. I predict (or hope) that Daenerys will give Westeros a spectacular display of force, and they will respond with a somewhat peaceful surrender. Then the show will reveal the full power of the dragons in their battle against the white walkers.

Definitely Spoilers

So it looks like Euron is attacking King's Landing. I haven't read theories on this, but I'll throw in two scenarios:

– Euron is dumb and attacks King's Landing before Daenerys gets there. Then maybe Daenerys flanks him from behind, destroying both his forces and Cersei's when they're already battling.

– Daenerys actually fought Euron at sea earlier and defeated him. She has commandeered his ships and sends them in as a distraction. Then she attacks King's Landing from a different position.

Jeremy Blackman

Speculation spoilers

Some ideas, after knowing a bit more...

I'm struggling with the idea that Euron can win a battle against Daenerys, but it actually might happen. Perhaps he attacks her at sea (it looks like an ambush at night), weakening her forces, then escapes to join forces with Cersei, promising to defend King's Landing from the sea or some such thing. That would explain why Daenerys appears to be battling Lannister forces on land and probably taking Casterly Rock — she needed to approach King's Landing by land.

I just don't know how Euron can ambush Daenerys and then not get caught and utterly destroyed. Maybe he does, and my theory from the last post is true. There is no way he can suddenly assemble a credible force against Daenerys when she's been assembling forces for years and now has almost everyone with her. Unless Euron is able to summon a kraken.



It might be a silly thing to say but: how can you fight Daenerys? She has three dragons. That's why I am worried about this new season. The way is open for Daenerys. Also: it will be the first time, truly, that the show is entirely outside the narrative of the books. Can they make it as thrilling?

Jeremy Blackman

"Season 7 episodes will be their customary hour-long duration, but the finale of Season 7 clocks in at 82 minutes. In Season 8, the episodes could be in the 80-plus-minute range of a feature film, as series like Sherlock and Black Mirror have done."


Not the best start to a season but it was good seeing the characters again.


Glad to see the Freys stamped out.

Happy to see Bran/Meera out of immediate danger. I really want to see more of them- especially in the company of normal people.

Sansa and Jon scenes are great. Not fond of the Mormont, I'll be honest.

Hound/Beric/Thoros is excellent stuff.

Sam's scenes were unconventional and ate up a lot of screentime. Not sure if it was exactly worth it.

How the hell did Euron manage to make an armada that big and powerful? Ridiculous.

Cersei's stuff doesn't really interest me anymore. I hope Jaime goes somewhere more interesting soon.

And finally, Dany made it to the mainland. Has Dragonstone ever looked that good before?

Man, fuck Ed Sheeran.

Jeremy Blackman

Jeremy Podeswa is not a great director. So I cranked my expectations down a few notches. But what I discovered was pretty interesting. When you have a mediocre director handling an episode, that really exposes everyone else's strengths. And in particular I thought the writing was fantastic. Effortlessly sharp and inspiring. Manipulative in the most enjoyable way. Thank God we have D&D guiding this show. They really know how to deliver on pivotal moments.

The ending was so perfect. Gotta know when to be quiet. I was holding my breath waiting for a stinger at the end, and it was delivered. The cold open was pretty great, too. I like that they could credibly pull a Salud. Rewatching that cold open reveals so many new layers, by the way — a stunning performance there.

Hound & co. was also a showcase of very good acting. That all really worked for me. Would have liked to see a flash or two of what he was seeing in the flames, though, just to know he wasn't pulling their leg (which I suspected at first).

Euron is interesting. And kind of terrifying. He and Cersei are worthy villains for this season.

Calling it now: In the finale, we see Ed Sheeran decapitated in battle.

Jon made the right call in that meeting. I understand Sansa's position, but I think she's wrong. I also suspect she plans to lead Littlefinger on. That may not have been part of it, but we will probably see something soon to that end.

I'm aching for this Stark/Targaryen alliance. (My thoughts on that are here.) I assumed Dany would be seeking out Jon, but it looks like it'll be the other way around. A nice twist. I need to see Sansa vouch for Theon and Tyrion, who were some of her only allies in very dark times. Olenna, for that matter. I doubt Jon will need to be convinced. He's desperate for people, and the Targaryen alliance are obviously the good guys.

There will be resistance from others. Northerners don't like Targaryens. The last war with them was very recent, even. Just need to convince them that Daenerys is a rebranded Targaryen. Only problem is they don't really have access to Dany's propaganda, like her "break the wheel" speech and so forth.

I still think Dany will be easy to convince:

Quote from: Jeremy Blackman on June 28, 2016, 06:21:36 PMDaenerys would be a fool not to take advantage of the incredible loyalty the Starks have in the North. (She can't be interested in scorching a bunch of northerners while trying to win hearts and minds.) Considering she's okay with leaving the Iron Islands semi-independent, the North by comparison is a dream scenario for her. You're dealing with this super honorable house with two leaders who are decidedly not power-hungry, who are not raping or pillaging anyone, who yearn for an end to the chaos of Westeros even more than Daenerys does.


Quote from: Lottery on July 16, 2017, 10:30:39 PMHow the hell did Euron manage to make an armada that big and powerful? Ridiculous.

Yeah... I'm trying to remember exactly what portion of his ships were stolen, but I don't think it was even made very clear at the time. "My best ships" we are told. It's problematic that his story last season ended with him calling for a mass manufacture of ships, because that only confused the issue.

The timeline works, though. Theon and Yara fled the Iron Islands, making some stops along the way, then got to Daenerys. They stayed there for a little while, forming the alliance and perhaps waiting some more time for all the other allies to show up, so they could all depart together. Then they had to make that journey back to Westeros. Was surely weeks, could have been months.

Euron's task was simpler: make a bunch of ships, then sail to King's Landing. If they are really fast shipbuilders, I could buy that. We didn't get any information to tell us how difficult a task that was for them. But I'll give GoT the benefit of the doubt here.


Quote from: Jeremy Blackman on July 16, 2017, 10:59:38 PM
The timeline works, though. Theon and Yara fled the Iron Islands, making some stops along the way, then got to Daenerys. They stayed there for a little while, forming the alliance and perhaps waiting some more time for all the other allies to show up, so they could all depart together. Then they had to make that journey back to Westeros. Was surely weeks, could have been months.

Yes, but they can no longer fuck with it much given that everyone is on the same timeline, Arya used to be on her own but she's now in Westeros and the news about the Freys already reached Kingslanding and Jon's too btw.

Jon says that Cersei is a thousand miles away, that doesn't seem that far, the speed of a walking horse is aprox 4 miles per hour, let's say they travel 50 a day, they would reach Winterfell in 20 days...maybe I'm over thinking this, let's hope they handle all stories as effective as S6.

More tomorrow.


I forget that this thread was titled spoilers.

This season will have to a great balancing act- in terms of character screentime, valuable story content and well as managing events realistically and logically and timelines. Everything is converging so even small inconsistencies will really weaken the plot. I can't make sense of the ships thing (they look way too awesome) and numerous.
I must admit the show has a lost the charm of earlier seasons in a way but everything coming together is really exciting.

I'm having trouble taking Euron entirely seriously, I'm really hoping that come the end of the season he flips a switch and becomes something truly scary.
Cersei is a character who is best when she's surrounded by other people- her reactions and general scheming nature are always great to watch but it's not as interesting when everyone is so far away.

I reckon The North/Hound are the best parts of the show right now. I really enjoy watching Jon and Sansa discussing matters together.

I don't see Dany and gang as the outright good guys (I know what you meant though JB). She has some really special people with her and she has good intentions but I just don't see her that way. Honestly, I reckon Jon in his single-minded focus and avoidance of the Game is the purest and most well meaning character right now (I love him for that and he'll definitely need Sansa and Davos because of that). I think for that reason, Dany will take to him. Tyrion will vouch both ways. I reckon Jon will gave Dany whatever she wants as long as she helps him kill the WW.
I really hope, they'll approach Dany winning folks over to be realistic. I won't like it if she gives a speech and everyone comes to her side. Admittedly, dragons make for a good propaganda prop.

Also, whoever has Bran on their side has an upper hand. The more Bran scenes, the better because he knows so much/everything.


Quote from: Lottery on July 17, 2017, 05:29:02 AM
Also, whoever has Bran on their side has an upper hand. The more Bran scenes, the better because he knows so much/everything.

it will be interesting too see if bran is the reason for more stuff in the past. my favorite theory is that he made the mad king mad.

bran saw the vision, wildfire, the mad king and the white walkers and told him to "burn them all", meaning the white walkers. remember that in the end the mad king was just repeating that sentence just as hodor kept repeating hodor ("hold the door").

i don't know if it makes sense but it's a fun theory nevertheless.


Hodor can't be the only instance of Bran influencing the past. I just hope further instances aren't contrived. If you had described Hodor's "Hold The Door" scene in earlier seasons, it would've felt silly to me. The show executed it wonderfully though.

I like that Cersei is the one who sent for Euron, that makes more sense than the other way around. They almost made him likable in that scene. I'm sure we're in for some real darkness as far as his character is concerned. Ramsay is tough to top.
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Quote from: polkablues on May 24, 2016, 06:39:59 PM
I want and expect them to go all the way down the rabbit hole and come out the other side. I've long felt that a major theme of the overarching story is that the events of history are essentially an immovable force, that the players of the game are more swept up in the wave than they actually affect it, despite all their vanities to the contrary. How perfect a culmination of that thesis would it be to discover in the end that the whole of this world's history is a closed causal loop?

Quote from: polkablues on May 24, 2016, 07:05:18 PM
Quote from: Tictacbk on May 24, 2016, 06:48:38 PM
Hmmm. I'm alright with the time loop, but only to a point. If Bran ends up being responsible for all that stuff... well I don't know how much of that I could handle.  Why would he go back and "cause" things that already exist in his world?

I think the idea would be that he sets out to alter things or stop certain events from happening, but ultimately, because it's all already happened, everything he does only has the effect of setting into motion the events that will already inevitably take place. It's all about the illusion of free will in a causally deterministic universe.

I still stand by all this. Time is a flat circle and all that. Bran is not altering the past so much as he is unwittingly playing out his role within a fixed timeline.
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