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Reply #630 on: July 02, 2021, 09:41:33 PM
Writing about cinema iz itself a trip so analyzing the structure for the structure, layerz. I've been frequenting boards for two decades and discussing its gestalt in this moment when megaboards have mutated toward immediacy brings insight, knowing the time you've put into Xixax. Relationships with interfaces are complex and this was a neat snapshot.

Personally don't know if I had thought of The Vault that way much, like my mind would have jumped to "What Films Are We Watching?" cuz perhaps I thought the Vault was the trickle down from [previous year in film] in a compendium. Not sure - but the distinction against the endless scroll makes sense. And the synergy of each user's reading of the interface.  Don't know what drives the distinction per new-thread, neat to consider, and those branches of thought also lead me to like, Real Life Soundtracks, which would probably benefit from a larger frequent user base since it's foremost a cinema/PTA board? Hmm.

We do need a new name for DVD Talk. Suggestions welcome!

Do You Have Holly Does Hollywood?
subtitle : "Ya, VHS, whatever you want. 1/2 inch, 3/4, beta. "


Shelves & the Web
subtitle : "Cinema tomes and the instant ."

idk I'll keep mulling it over in case there's a poll or however, this is like, all I can contribute beyond appreciation for both board and its peeps.

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Reply #631 on: July 04, 2021, 01:28:24 PM
Going off the "Shelves & the Web" structure, although reversed, how about this?

Digital Streams & Polycarbonate Dreams

Or if that's too weird, perhaps a variation.
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