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Reply #150 on: August 07, 2021, 02:46:17 PM
iíve been at xixax for a number of years in a few forms, and some of you are such basically real friends of mine that youíve been in my books in a few forms too. in fact one unpublished book quoted an entire shoutbox conversation. that conversation wasnít the best part of the book (the abrupt realism didnít mesh my lyrical consciousness) but like all parts of all my books i support it. but so anyway xixax has occupied a portion of my life and itís hard to let go of parts of your life, but itís become apparent to me that i need to let go of xixax. weíve sadly gone out of sync and this time, through pms, itís become apparent to me how out of sync we are. iíve, actually many times, left and returned, but itís now clear to me that this isnít a place i can return to. listen, iím me, of course thereís a goodbye letter, of course i mean it, the emotional parts, the appreciative specifics especially. for my own sake i absolutely must walk away and not return, from the board, not from you, and although posting this is potentially more embarrassing than pmíing, itís also less vulnerable, and what iím getting at is iíll be just an email away if weíre not already connected in some form, trashculturemutantjunkie@yahoo.com. thatís funny itís yahoo. anyway some of you already speak with me outside of here and just if you donít thatís where iíll be

warm wishes to all of you, here and in your full life too


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Reply #151 on: August 07, 2021, 03:57:32 PM
Oooh, that's sad! Haven®®t talked to you a lot through PMs, but for me you have always been a big personalty on the board ans I will miss reading about the things you're obviously passionate about. There's a few threads, with little to no other activity, that you have carried with posts that has been very enjoyable to read for me despite only lurking in them,

Anyway, I hope you the best! And it goes without saying that I hope you®ī'll return someday, if everything feels right for you