Hip Hop

Started by Jack Sparrow, April 27, 2003, 12:43:51 PM

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bye bye now to the 70z
tsundoku with the stacks
de niro in the rear view
ya blessed buck on the trax
talkin' to myself
in hi-fidelity




QuoteI think Mengistu Haile Mariam is my neighbor
Whoever it is moved in and put an automated gate up
Repainted brick walls atop which now cameras rotated
By eight, the place dark, one light burn later
Razor wire like a slinky
Rumor is parcel bomb took the secretary right eye and pinky
Evenings, he take a snifter of whisky on the veranda
I wonder what he's thinking
In the morning, the maid brings coffee from the kitchen
Some nights strange music plays, I lay in bed and listen
Downstairs I hear my mother breaking dishes, my father trippin'
It's been quite bad lately, high tension
Galvanized steel security fencin'
To get through the day, give myself a mission
Anything what get me out the house a blessin'
His bodyguard chews khat, spits black in the rhododendron
Blacked out Range rumble when he start the engine
Avocado tree hang over the property line
I watch from as high as I can climb
The dog looks up and whines, the hills are alive with land mines
I live in my mind
Not sure what I'm looking for, but I'll know when I find
My mother sent the gardener to look for me, but the sky is a great place to hide


Quote[Verse 1: billy woods]
Quinine powder and alcohol, stir until dissolved
The future isn't flying cars, it's Rachel Dolezal absolved
It's autonomous computers sendin' shooters back in time at the behest of defunct message boards
Translucent man-of-war, the tentacles caress my paramore
Implored the bitch to be sensible
The slave master's children all looked identical
True, the future is children, but whatever future you buildin' alrеady look miserable
Natural beauty, Savagе Fenty, we strip mined the minerals
The trailer is the movie, Bobby Digital
[Verse 3: Denmark Vessey]
Got infrared Jesus posted jumpin' out the prison
Primary colors for prescription
I prefer my bluntin' smothered in addiction
Subjugation is the mother of invention
Someone's pain is some other motherfucker's pension
Your daddy was a rich man, stole an invention


New Joey ~

+ a Men I Trust feature on the same album as Westside Gunn heh. Dope.