New Guidelines to Green Screen

Started by Gold Trumpet, January 29, 2007, 09:46:28 PM

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Gold Trumpet

The news is that Green Screen will continue on. This is hardly life changing for the board, but this forum will operate to hold original articles and essays from members.

Regular members will not be able to post articles on their own. Only moderators and I will be able to do so. So to be able to contribute to The Green Screen, you will have to send me your pieces. This can be done copying and pasting your entire article in a PM or you can attach it and send it to me by email. If email problems occur then talk to me about them.

Also, I will act as an editor. I will not be overly strict, but I will edit pieces to see that they are well written so the arguments are clear and also well structured and researched so the arguments are the best ones possible. I may send pieces back and ask you to write more in certain parts.

I DO NOT want pieces that just ramble to the tune of a million opinions and sounds more like a rant than an actual article. Try be to be thoughtful with developing your ideas.

Also, I will accept essays that were originally school assignments. I just ask that these ideas be taken into account:

1.) Try not to give me overly lengthy pieces. Edited down pieces that sum up your points and arguments are much better.

2.) If you can, personalize the writing. School essays tend to be more academic in speech and lose the voice of the author. Bring your voice back in.

3.) If you have a lengthy essay and feel the detailed descriptions are necessary, then break up the essay and re-title the sections you like to become individual pieces. You can submit only a portion of that essay or all of it. But you will have to break it down and re-title every section like it was its own essay. 

I don't know what else to say. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment here and I will address them all.

The idea this time around is not to hold everyone to an expectation. People can freely submit to or ignore this board as much as they like. I feel we have some good members who are starting to voice their opinions in thoughtful posts. I've become fans of members who have recently opposed me. A next step could be writing articles and making this board better.


You can also PM your stuff to me for a second opinion. Entertaining pieces welcome.
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