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which podcasts are you sucribed to? modage, i'm sure you're the guru of this, please recommend some.

i only know the protein OS podcast, which is quite good:

context, context, context.


Baseball Prospectus Radio
Baseball Musings
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Tv guide talk
The Treatment with Elivs Mitchell

I have others like Morning becomes eclectic, but those two are the ones I listen to the most.
I guess I also podcast ebert and roeper show, but i can just watch that on tv if not.


EDIT: Okay, so Mac helped me... didn't look hard enough.. I'll leave here in Soundtracks.

I don't quite know where to put this.  At first I was surprised that I couldn't find a thread already made, but once I realized that it's not exactly T.V., movies, or music and we don't have a "radio" category, it's hard to figure out where this would even go.

What podcasts have we been/ are we currently listening to?

Most of the ones I actually subscribe to are comedy related:

Never Not Funny - The Jimmy Pardo Podcast (or Pard-cast)
Guys With Feelings - A group of guys who know a lot of comedians and other celebs that just bullshit with and talk about them.
The Best Show on WFMU (though I wish they could get rid of the gaps caused by cutting out the music)
The Sound of Young America = www.maximumfun.org - Very NPR, but with a tendency toward comedy and comedians... the most professional sounding Podcast I listen to
The Paul Goebel show - just started, giving it a shot... he's the king of t.v... you might remember him from Beat the Geeks

These are the ones that are currently alive... there are some other that are either done or on hiatus.

grand theft sparrow

Does anyone else listen to these guys?  They just did reviews of six Herzog films about a month ago.

Sigur Rós


Sound Opinions -- it's a music talk show out of Chicago.  It's like Ebert and Roeper but for music ... and on the radio.  You may be familiar with the critics Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot.  DeRo has written books on psychedelic music, Flaming Lips, has worked for many music publications, and Greg Kot wrote The Wilco Book. 

FM 94/9 -- My local radio station, they podcast their on-air interviews with bands.  Fans of Pearl Jam should check out the recent interview with Stone Gossard and there is an older great one with Robert Plant and another for fans of Metric which was pretty great.

last days of gerry the elephant


jarvis cocker has started posting podcasts on his myspace



What are the cool kids subscribing to?
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last days of gerry the elephant

French Vibes - http://www.french-music.org/

Metronomicon - http://www.metronomiconaudio.net/

and if you're into the hip and happening;

Cool Hunting - http://www.coolhunting.com/



These are a series of video podcasts The New Yorker did concerning the near future. There is one with Will Wright discussing spore, there is one on architecture, web design, art and city planning. Pretty fascinating for the most part.
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Jeremy Blackman

edit: defunct
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Hey, does anyone know of a podcast that will get you all the new movie trailers directly to your video ipod?

It seems so simple yet I can't find any podcast that offers that.
Falling in love is the greatest joy in life. Followed closely by sneaking into a gated community late at night and firing a gun into the air.