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Started by Jack Sparrow, April 27, 2003, 12:43:51 PM

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Hey, I just saw him on Entourage...
Doctor, Always Do the Right Thing.

Yowza Yowza Yowza


Quote from: Kanye WestActually, I do not think that (white people) are allowed to use slang until it is at least a year old.

"As a matter of fact I only work with the feeling of something magical, something seemingly significant. And to keep it magical I don't want to know the story involved, I just want the hypnotic effect of it somehow seeming significant without knowing why." - Len Lye






Might just be the best MC of all fucking time.

Up there with Rakim.

I bought 5 discs of his in like two weeks. The man is nothing short of amazing.
"Sex relieves stress, love causes it."
-Woddy Allen


i fuckin love the fugees. The Score is a great album to listen to while I'm doing a brainless shot grid.
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Obviously what you are doing right now is called (in my upcoming book of psychology at least) validation. I think it's a normal thing to do. People will reply, say anything, and then you're gonna do what you were subconsciently thinking of doing all along.


Snoop Dogg writing debut novel

The rapper swaps his mic for a pen

Snoop Dogg is currently hard at work writing his debut novel.

Due out in October, 'Love Don't Live Here No More', is the first book in a street-lit series which the rapper is planning to release.

The story follows a young man living a hard life in southern California, whilst struggling to make it in the world of hip-hop.

Published by Atria Books, the company's vice president and director of publicity Kathleen Schmidt, said: "Snoop, by nature of what he does, is a storyteller."

Speaking to The Book Standard, she added: "Books speak more to a female audience than does his music so these novels give him an opportunity to show, particularly his female fans, another side."


thanks for that.

he is TUBBY.
"The myth by no means finds its adequate objectification in the spoken word. The structure of the scenes and the visible imagery reveal a deeper wisdom than the poet himself is able to put into words and concepts" – Friedrich Nietzsche


Bringin it back to when hip hop was real and a freestyle battle could ruin yo life!


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Im calling Proven Lands gets used as a beat in a hip hop song... been stuck in my head for weeks.



Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
Out March 23rd.


I strongly recommend the new Kendrick Lamar album.

max from fearless

This album changes EVERYTHING.
He deserves to have his own thread under 'The Director's Chair' section, just on the strength of this album.
My new There Will Be Blood...


Yeah this is ridiculously good.


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Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly

listening to raise my day's spirits and feel good about los angeles and various things


will everyone please share the song titles they notice as great songs to make sure i don't miss out on nothin'

having a "hard time" listening to songs outside u because i keep wanting to listen to u