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Started by Jack Sparrow, April 27, 2003, 12:43:51 PM

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phil marlowe

i'll tell you this;

snoop dogg is a weed smokin motherfucker.

my thoughts exzactly. snoop is the best.

You Never Got Me Down Ray

The Roots
Mos Def
Taleb Kweli
Aesop Rock
Freddie Fox
Pep Love
the whole Hyroglyphics crew

Aesop Rock is one of my favorites, can't get enough of him. How about Atmosphere (slug), Sage Francis, pretty much the whole Chicago scene with the molemen, typical cats and everyone else. Anyone here heard of Robust? Supposedly he's coming out with a second album sometime in the near future, he showed me a track called poke smot months ago and it was one of the dopest hip hop songs i've ever heard, so pick that shit up if you ever find it on hiphopinfinity.
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The two best rap songs ever written are "Turtle Power" by Partners in Kryme (from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III soundtrack) and "Spirit" by Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew (from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack)...hands down. In terms of lyrical brilliance and page to mic transition (actual preformance)...it is magic that rarely ever existed (or especially exists today) in hip hop.

Download these now.

The only other one that really blew me away was "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio which is the best example of actual singing in a rap song. It is also beautiful and worth listening to over and over again.


For some reason, I like gangsta rap, like Dr. Dre, Snoop, and early 90's stuff like Naughty by Nature, it was really catchy. And Busta Rhymes was cool. But now, Afro Man rules. He's funny as hell.


Ebeaman, you've just proven that you know nothing about hip hop.  :wink:

Anyway, I'm extremely excited. NEW OUTKAST ON SEPTEMBER 9th! A buncha tracks are already online, though. Thrill to the sounds of Andre's duet with...Rosario Dawson?

Jeremy Blackman

I can't listen to hip hop without laughing at myself.
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Quote from: Jeremy BlackmanI can't listen to hip hop without laughing at myself.
i can't read that post without thinking less of u.
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mystikal jailed for six years

mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison yesterday (january 15) after he was found guilty of forcing his hair stylist to perform sex acts. the rapper - born michael tyler - pleaded guilty to sexual battery and was led from the courtroom in louisiana's baton rouge in handcuffs. the victim accused tyler and two bodyguards, leland 'pokie' ellis and vercy 'v' carter, of forcing her to perform the acts in his apartment in july 2002, after they claimed she had stolen $80,000. the victim denied she had stolen any money from the rapper. after watching a videotape the men had made during the incident, judge tony marabella said that the woman had been "terrorised". according to reports, judge marabella added: "the court is convinced that the defendant believes he is above the law and can take the law into his own hands." ellis was sentenced to three years in jail, while carter received four, after the pair also pleaded guilty to the sexual battery charge. tyler also pleaded guilty to extortion, and had earlier received five years probation on that charge. according to a letter in court records, the rapper has also paid the victim $350,000 - with $300,000 borrowed from his record label, jive. the money and his plea are said to show he is "continuing to try and make up to all involved for the distress" he caused. 'tarantula', mystikal's 2001 album, was nominated for best rap album at the 2003 grammy awards.


hey , how's up for writing the xixax hip-hop?
context, context, context.

phil marlowe

no more big truck drivin for mr myst, that's for shure


Quote from: chuckhimselfohey , how's up for writing the xixax hip-hop?
u weren't around for the keystyle battles that would go on in C&C. i'm talking threads full of them. most were crap. mine were good tho, and AJ's.. oh and spoilah's. we wuz the originators of the C&Cstyle ya betta recugnize.
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ahhhhh memories...

1988: 8 years old. Learned all the words to my first rap song. Bust a Move by young mc. Danced around to M.C. Hammer's can't touch this. Was told not to listen to NWA or 2 live crew.

1990: Ten years old. Briefly fell victim to the Vanilla Ice syndrome.

1991: Eleven. Briefly fell victim to the Kriss Kross syndrome.

1992: Twelve. Fell in love with a little album know as The Chronic. Favorite video of the year: Ice Cube's it was a good day. Saw Boyz n the Hood on video.

1993: Was first in line to buy Doggystyle.

1994: Started High school. Picked up the murder was the case soundtrack. Was introduced to a man named Biggy. Fell in love with a song called Dear Mama.

1995: Enter the Wu. Busta, Junior Mafia, Bone thugs, Warren G.

1996: All eyez on me. Got the shit beat out of me for being a "Wigga" in an all white Alabama high school. The kid who did it kills himself the next day. Went into a depression. Found other forms of music that suited my particular apathy better. Fell in love with movies.

1999: A blonde haired white boy from detroit rekindles my love for hip hop. I discover all the stuff I missed the first time around. Beastie Boys, Tribe, Public Enemy, etc.
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boy did I kill the shit outa this thread
"Sex relieves stress, love causes it."
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classical gas

if i could try to start it up again, i'm really enjoying this song, "definition" by mos def and talib kweli; i wish this was mainstream hip hop(not a big fan, but this is good enough for me), but mainstream won't ever be good again...


Hip Hop/Rap Favs

Eminem - I don't think anybody even mentioned him
Dr Dre
Jah Rule
Public Enemy
MC Pee Pants