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Started by Jeremy Blackman, March 05, 2003, 11:05:37 AM

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Jeremy Blackman

Best Debut Film: CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND  (George Clooney)


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Igby Goes Down
One Hour Photo
Living life big time


Jeremy Blackman

I was rooting for CQ, but this was a good movie... and at least Chicago didn't win.
Living life big time


Quote from: Jeremy BlackmanI was rooting for CQ, but this was a good movie... and at least Chicago didn't win.

It's like you read my mind.

I also would have approved if "Igby Goes Down" won.
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Rudie Obias

i'm surpirsed PTA didn't somehow win in this category.

my vote was for CQ
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i would also agree if "igby goes down" was chosen. CQ is also innteresting. "dangerous lives of altar boys" was a good movie too. we certainly have a smart bunch of tyros.
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i totally agree, i loved confessions of a dangerous mind, all hail kaufman.
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