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Started by Jeremy Blackman, December 27, 2021, 04:08:10 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

Today we witness the dawn of a new era – Xixax has a second home on a platform that some people love using and some people don't like using at all! In any case, wilberfan and WorldForgot have set up a Discord server!


At the very least, I recommend saving this invite link. The discord can serve as a useful backup. If the site goes down or has tech issues, I'll post info/updates over there.

Feeling some spoilery LP thoughts and thinking of shoutboxing them? Before you hit that send button and corrupt our innocent minds, consider chatting in the Discord channel instead.

Discord also has a direct message system that's quite superior to message board software.

Curious to see how people use this. Your mileage may vary, but personally Discord has ended up being my favorite social media platform.
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For now it definitely is a good avenue for something that's maybe not feeling Quite Like a Post and isn't suited to Shoutbin. Wilberfan and I are also interested in possibly hosting group movie watches on there if there's enuff interest!

Anyway, this will always been home base. ^_^

Jeremy Blackman

A tip for Discord beginners. The default notification settings are insane, so I recommend switching to "Only @mentions." Like this:

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Jeremy Blackman

As you may have noticed, we now have our Discord chat integrated on the main page as its own little shoutbox of sorts! It's an experiment for now. Things to know:

✅ It's collapsible

✅ Only visible to members

✅ We can change the height and width of the box, so let me know if you have feedback on that. It seems to be fully responsive though.

✅ You can log in with your Discord account or just sign in as a guest! Either will persist. If you want to log out, I think you have to clear your cookies for

🛑 Your login will not persist on Safari – mobile or desktop! This is an Apple bug that they can't currently get around. If you must use Safari, you can sign in as a guest and keep that page open.

✅ Using the menu on the upper left, you can navigate to other channels of the discord. When you refresh or navigate off the page, the chat defaults back to the #general channel.

As described here (2 years ago!), our current shoutbox's days might be numbered. There are a couple different options for replacing or upgrading it, and the Discord chat is a top contender. Let's see how people like it. I think we should keep both active for now, since they're both collapsible, and the shoutbox hasn't broken yet.

Post any questions or concerns here!
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