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Started by Drill, March 03, 2020, 06:59:55 PM

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Quote from: Drill on October 03, 2020, 05:15:10 PM
I would've liked that video more if I liked the song. That must be my big issue with his MV work. The songs themselves. I guess these art-pop women are his Hitchcock Blondes. But Apple, Newsom, et. al are just boneless Kate Bush-es (wonder if he's a big fan) to me.

The Sapokanikan video did make me very curious about him doing a NYC-set film.

I sort of half agree with this. His infatuation with Newsom and Haim and their music I don't get. Newsom just baffles me and I have tried to like HAIM several time and I just can't get it.

On the other hand I completely get his love of Fiona Apple. While I found Fetch The Bolt Cutters way too low fi her first 4 albums I think are fantastic.

By the way I was browsing over the last few pages and I missed where you guys were discussing the weird vibes between DDL and Anderson during the PT press tour. I noticed that too in videos. I actually was sort of wondering if anything would come up in those Phantom Thread lighting master class but nothing did except where apparently DDL was pissed off about the mother hallucination scene and chewed Anderson out the next day.

Then again nobody had any idea that he and Elswitt fell out and ended their relationship on IV until Elswit directly mentioned it.


Joanna Newsom is a musical legend and shouldn't be compared to the Haims in the same sentence. :yabbse-grin:




I find Apple the most boring. :yabbse-grin: Sorry, I know she's got a lot of fans here. I guess what many people praise as "raw" and "personal", I see as mannered and tediously narcissistic.

Newsom's music isn't my thing at all but she can play and write circles around Apple. And I really liked her in IV. Maybe the new film will warm me to Haim (I'm assuming at this point that all of them are in it at some capacity).   


I actually like Haim's Summer Girl and Night So Long (Live At The Greek), both songs and videos. Quite different from each other but they work for me. Apart from that, I really don't understand the band's appeal. Some of the songs are plain bad.

I also don't understand how one can not love everything about Paper Bag. Great song, great video, and great Fiona on a lovely red dress  :yabbse-grin:


Call me a simpleton but I think he peaked with TWBB and each of his movies has gotten progressively worse since then, in terms of having characters and a compelling story that you care about. Obviously his films are all technically basically perfect and he has the best crew you can find. You could sit around thinking about The Master and its connections to history, how characters mirror one another, and a bunch of other intellectual exercises, but that doesn't make it a good film and doesn't change the fact that it all just feels false and sort of boils down to nothing. You can do these things also with any of Kubrick's or Hitchcock's films, but on their surface level they're still good films that people can enjoy. I actually thought that the first draft of The Master that leaked back in 2010 or whenever it was would have made a fucking amazing movie. Ebert IMO had the best review of The Master when it came out: https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/the-master-2012

I agree with others who said that the Haim videos are nothing special and would hardly be noticed if they were by a different director. His music videos during the Boogie Nights/Magnolia era were so joyous and you could tell that the person making them was so excited about what the camera was doing and how things could be experimented with.

Magnolia has the most heart of any movie I've ever seen. I rank it with Blue Valentine, Vitorio De Sica's films, Truffaut's films, Make Way for Tomorrow, and a bunch of others that have tons of heart and emotion, but think it's the absolute best. I didn't realize this opinion could be considered unpopular until reading this thread...