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Luz is a young cab driver fleeing from the grasp of a possessed woman, whose confession could endanger the lives of everyone who crosses her path.

Written and Directed by Tilman Singer
Currently available VOD on Amazon & iTunes


March 10, 2020

Blu-ray from Altered Innocence, currently up for pre-order on DiabolikDVD and Amazon


Going to watch this probably in the next few days. Will report back.
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Micro-budget, Tilman Singer's thesis project for film school iz as sure-fire and accomplished as any indie debut I've seen - and to my taste it's stylish and fun as fuck.

A paranormal mystery frames what we cannot let go.

from Haunt Me by Gemma Files
QuoteA box of darkness is a gift, my mother used to say. Because there could
be anything inside it, I suppose . . . or nothing.
But. If the passage into death is as unconscious as the descent through
dreams into sleep, then maybe, just maybe, what waits on the other side
isn't any less real for being unimaginable. Maybe the leap from death into
life is just as sudden. Maybe we only have to let go of those we've loved
precisely so that whatever eventual reunion we have is all the more joyous.
I'd like to believe that. But I can't know. And I'm out of practice at
taking things on faith.
What I do know is that so much of what haunts us does so because, on
some level, we want it to. We yearn for it, as much as it yearns for us, or
what it thinks is us.
Come in, into me. Come inside. I'm empty. I'm a haunted house.
( say that you want me, come back and haunt me )
I remember the Priest, like I remember them all. Whether they choose to
stay, or not.
Whether or not they choose to pass through, and leave me alone again.
Because haunting, in essence, is the refusal to let go, on both sides. The
refusal to forgive something for changing, or leaving. Even if—even when
—you can't remember what you're holding on to anymore. Or why.
One day, I'm going to be faced with that choice myself. We all are.
The best we can ever do is work on getting ready.