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Started by Jeremy Blackman, April 16, 2014, 05:01:54 PM

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Best Film

12 Years A Slave
6 (15%)
The Great Beauty
6 (15%)
Blue Is the Warmest Color
7 (17.5%)
4 (10%)
15 (37.5%)
Inside Llewyn Davis
12 (30%)
Post Tenebras Lux
8 (20%)
Spring Breakers
3 (7.5%)
Upstream Color
11 (27.5%)
The Wolf of Wall Street
14 (35%)

Total Members Voted: 40


Damn it, you found the flaw in our methodology.
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ooook. unvoted davis to triple revote beauty davis blue. that's teamworkish. except now i'm all "daaaang why is enter the void 2 in last place :/" seems it'll win best cinematography, from void 1's dp, so ok, brushing off all my worries, remembering what this is anyway, and yeah. doners. ready for sunday and family brunch

Jeremy Blackman

Quote from: Lottery on April 26, 2014, 07:18:51 PM
It's pretty clear why Wolf is winning. It's a cool flick but it's far from best film of the year. However, people are given three votes of equal weighting and it might not be the number one film for many but it's likely their second or third. So because of the equal weighting, it's unintentionally going to be voted best film. If first choice was worth 3, second 2, third 1- something else would win.

This is what I was afraid might happen but we couldn't be sure. I was convinced that wasn't happening when Upstream Color and Her were clearly in the lead, but Wolf's surge might mean that you're right.

There's kind of a built-in remedy. Anyone who picked Wolf but does not want it to win can easily remove it.

Personally I voted for only Upstream Color because I wanted to give it the strongest possible advantage. And that's what anyone can do if they want Upstream Color to win. Or do the same with Her.

Even though there is a way around the "everyone's second choice" problem, it's probably not ideal, so we could certainly do it differently next year.
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whoever voted for spring breakers with me is my mu'fuckin soulmate


I have only seen Her and Gravity from this list, so I definitely vote Her.

I have had the Upstream Color DVD for a while, but haven't watched it. Kinda like with Tree of Life - they seem like the kind of films where I need zero distraction for several hours to be able to watch them. Just haven't found the time yet.

My favorite 2013 film of what I've watched so far will not be popular:
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III

It's been over a year since I saw it, so I wonder if I will even feel the same way if I watch it again.
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Quote from: Reelist on April 26, 2014, 09:52:00 PM
whoever voted for spring breakers with me is my mu'fuckin soulmate

Shall we get a room? Crying shame Franco didn't win either.
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