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Started by polkablues, August 18, 2012, 01:41:45 AM

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Frederico Fellini

This could fit as one of the meanings of the opening shot? :

We fought against the day and we won... WE WON.

Cinema is something you do for a billion years... or not at all.


Quote from: Pubrick on January 28, 2013, 10:47:11 PM
the impasse i think most people come to is some kind of crippling angst when they ask themselves "is this what the author meant." and the dissatisfaction with the answer "it doesn't matter what he meant." these statements seem to be so destructive and insurmountable to most people that they simply retreat to "well we'll never know so anything we intuit is fucking bullshit and worthless, even if it feels true, because it was not approved by the creator."

I very much had that thought process when I was younger. In High School, I remember being very obsessed with the artist's intention and meaning when trying to understand song lyrics. 

I then went to art school and read some books. One book was on poetry in song lyrics by a professor of English and Poetry. One of the first things in the book was how the artist's intent is completely irrelevant when trying to decipher a meaning of work. It made more and more sense as he broke down different poems and lyrics. You judge a work of art on it's quality without given thought to the artist's intention, cause the artist's intention is always to create a great piece of work, then you should find the meaning the same way as well. Also, you will never completely know the artist's intent.  For Example:

"The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense
Take what you have gathered from coincidence"

Did Dylan knowingly/intentionally follow gambler with better? And use the word sense cause he knew it sounds the same cents? and did he use coincidence cause it has coin in it?  You will never know if Dylan intended that or not but it's clearly there.  Once you stop trying to figure out what Dylan knew, you can actually start to judge and decipher and understand and enjoy the song.

Art has to stand on it's own once it enters the public.  It is severed from it's creator and his or her intentions.   If the artist's intention are truly what important, then it's not the piece but the artist's intentions what is the work of art.  That would make the product a imitation or a copy. Then we get into something similar to Plato's views on art being nothing but a copy of a copy.  Remembering a TS Eliot quote in the book, "the poet does many things upon instinct, for which he can give no better account than anybody else." 

Quote from: Pubrick on January 28, 2013, 10:47:11 PM

in fact, the key to something as good as the master is even closer than that, it's something personal.. it is not an acquired intelligence, it is something deeply natural. whatever that is, a quest for salvation, a yearning for connection, a feeling of love and pain, an elegiac response to the traumas of war, a desire for truth, anything.. it's in the film and it's in you. after you've accepted this reflection in art, then you can start to find all kinds of meaning and purpose in things you once thought worthless.

This is very true. I am able to see so many truths about the film especially from reading everyone's responses to the film.  I didn't personally see the spirituality/mystical elements some saw in the film with the connection between Freddie and Dodd when i first saw the film but there are those elements in the film.  Previously, I probably would have been skeptical cause I didn't view PTA as a spiritual/surreal director.   Trying to decipher the artist's intent only gave me a very very narrow view of a piece of art. 

I'm not saying all you who are trying to find all PTA's intentions and influences and references are wasting your time.  You enjoy it keep doing it and godspeed.  I personally get more out of the film by looking at it on it's own and not trying to figure out if PTA was inspired/influenced/referencing by the wake shot from the film Sylvia.
If you think this is going to have a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.


Pictures from Behind the Scene. It's pretty funny.

I guess he did the "I farted" thing. Funny PSH. :yabbse-grin:


And more here:

Unguided Message is the Behind the Scenes ?


Frederico Fellini

Yeah, I heard some people got the Blu-ray already, they get them for reviews and such. Only 24 more days to go.. Which reminds me, There are several torrents for the master that came out today, they are legit. I know nothing about it, I just heard it. I hope this doesn't stop people from BUYING the blu-ray. Good thing I pre-ordered mine..


Maybe the phone call was NOT a dream?...

Phone cord.
We fought against the day and we won... WE WON.

Cinema is something you do for a billion years... or not at all.


I see no cord. ( too dark )

but even so, that doesn't refute it being a dream. The odd thing about it is that Dodd would be able to find Freddie in a 50's movie theater for a phone call.

but from this quote by md we know what PTA's always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology:

Quote from: md on January 30, 2013, 10:21:20 AM
I remeber PTA saying in an audio interview that when he was 18-19, he'd pop a dvd in at the morning, afternoon and night. 


Quote from: Freddie on February 02, 2013, 08:52:31 PM
I know nothing about it, I just heard it..

You are going straight to jail. Put this Freddie in a cell..


If you google 'apricot belly' the first thing that shows up in the search bar says 'The Master' right after it, BUT THERE ARE NO LINKS EXPLAINING WTF THAT IS!!!

Is it supposed to mean the bitch is pregnant or suttin?

Really miniscule and unimportant detail, but it's just bugged me the past few times I watched it.

It's been playing at this theater near my house lately.


i think it just means she has a sweet taught little beige belly thats yummy
Doctor, Always Do the Right Thing.

Yowza Yowza Yowza


that dream scene is the only scene I can't really wrap my head around. it opens up for the possibility that they where in fact connected to each other on a deeper lever which also opens up for the possibility that all the talk about past-lives could be true. I don't understand why he would open up for such a thing when everything that leads up to it is about Freddie realizing that The Master is full of shit. what is your theories about that scene?

I also cried before the movie even had started. I was so happy that I finally was there, in the cinema, to watch The Master... it felt so unreal. I need to watch this a hundred times more before I am ready to start talking about it. I am a slow-thinker....


Caught this at The Nova down in Melbourne. It doesn't need saying, but it is a phenomenal film.

Frederico Fellini

NEW CLIP. New Footage.

Listen to that fucking soundtrack.  :o
We fought against the day and we won... WE WON.

Cinema is something you do for a billion years... or not at all.


That was amazing. Where did you find that?


This finally came out in Portugal a week ago. I watched it then, first day, first show, and have watched it once more since, and am now in the process of reading all this pages of spoilers. The movie feels like it's alive inside me, just like CMBB, every day I'm thinking about it, making sense of it etc. I don't want to watch it again any time soon because I feel like I need to digest it slowly, think about it a little more. It's a small obsession really, but for now until at least it comes out on Bluray, I only want it to live in my mind, because a movie like this needs to be there as much as in front of my eyes. I don't know if this makes any sense at all, but well, that's how I feel right now.

It's funny that I saw this and Lincoln the day before, and the audience there seemed to be completely bored by the Steven Spielberg blockbuster and totally into The Master. And I could just feel the excitement on everyone there during the first processing scene. When it cuts to the first flashback in almost total silence, it was such a powerful moment in that theatre. It was amazing. When it ended, again, just like CMBB, I didn't know what the hell to think. I went alone, so I had no one to talk to about it, so I just got back home, took the subway, slowly realizing this movie will never let go of me as long as I'm alive.


It's pretty bizarre, everything you just said are/were my feelings exactly.
Just like you, I used to have TWBB cravings on a daily/weekly basis for a couple of years, and after seeing the master that constant churning  transferred over seamlessly. Seen it 8 times so far, and I'm burning for the next one. (Cinema near me kept it since September). I think I may actually have some sort of addiction to being immersed in the world of this fucking film.

Congrats on seeing it finally!