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The Director's Chair / Re: Gotz Spielmann
Last post by WorldForgot - Today at 12:08:27 PM
Woah, I don't think I've ever heard of this filmmaker. These stills are very intriguiging.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: PTA Interviews (on YouTube...
Last post by wilberfan - Today at 12:00:55 PM
I just finished listening to the interview.  Fascinating, indeed. I'm adding the book to my list.

Of particular interest to Stalker/Location Nerd Boy, here, was Paul's mention that he owns the house that Curtis Hanson grew up in.  Curtis' dad Wilbur was a teacher/mentor to George Stevens, Jr--and finished his career in education teaching at Portola Jr. High--where Paul first encountered the real-life scene of a young high school kid hitting on the older female photographer's asst on Photo Day.  (Those scenes in LP were also filmed at Portola.)

Paul bought the home from Wilbur's widow Beverly--who lived until 2019, dying at the age of nearly 98. 

Wilbur, Beverly and Curtis are all buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery--where I'm sure some of Curtis' films have been screened.

Also noteworthy to me was Stevens having helped found the American Film Institute--whose L.A. headquarters was the old Doheny Mansion (and on whose grounds I used to go to study for finals in college, circa '73/'74) and whose screening room was the old bowling alley.

We know who restored that bowling alley and fulfilled the Prophecy of Blood (and milkshake) for the camera in 2006...
The Small Screen / Re: Westworld
Last post by WorldForgot - Today at 10:08:25 AM
While I can vibe with the 'existential' ambition the show tried to thread together this year, this was probably my least favorite season. It had too much 'television' style plotting, shot, reverse-shot lore conversations. Reminded me a bit of that era when Fringe and Lost were trying to get their groove back.

For me rankings are like 2, 3, 1, 4. I think the first season rubbed me the wrong way when I first watched it, but then later seasons lent it better light once I learned more of the park's backstory. At least during the third season I felt that the setting had a purpose. Here the setting felt inconsequential. Even if it hadn't been present in the scripts, it could have been designed to tell a lot more story.

Season four felt so rote with monologues explaining everything. Something I used to really appreciate about this show was that it didn't mind having cryptic mechanics, and it used editing as a means to not have to 'tell' so much when they could 'show'.

Totally agree about Caleb/Aaron Paul. His was one of the few plotlines with a pulse this season. Bernard, Stubbs, Maeve, and Caleb. Everything else fell way too flat for me.
News and Theory / Amazing eye-lights
Last post by Scrooby - Today at 06:46:38 AM
Three amazing eye-lights in cinema history.

From one of PTA's favorite films :

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933)

What will you discover today?
The Small Screen / Re: Westworld
Last post by Jeremy Blackman - Yesterday at 11:58:45 PM
Well, this was an excellent season of Westworld. Aaron Paul was absolutely on fire. Somehow he became the soul of the show. Good finale episode, too, especially the last act. Mild spoiler: I can see this working as a series finale, which it just might be, given the state of Warner Brothers combined with this season's abysmal viewership numbers.

Surprising that we didn't talk about Season 2 here. I actually kind of loved it in a masochistic way. The timeline chicanery is gloriously mind-melting, even if it doesn't always play fair. And S2 has insane James Delos!

Season 3, though, while it had some tremendous scenes and episodes, was a half-baked concept. So inessential that barely any of it is carried into Season 4.

And yet, I'll take any episode of Westworld over most TV. Shows like this, even when deeply flawed, should not be taken for granted.

My (semi-controversial?) ranking of seasons, just from memory, would probably be Two, One, Four, Three. Season 1 is a bit overrated and has a lot of stuff that doesn't quite work. (One of their mission statements seems to have been "let's get as many of our actresses naked as humanly possible and awkwardly linger on their bodies for a while.) It also doesn't reach the heights of bonkersdom that Season 2 does.
The Director's Chair / Re: Gotz Spielmann
Last post by wilder - Yesterday at 10:21:39 PM
Back after nearly a decade with a TV Movie, Der Schutzengel (2022)

QuoteWhen the body of sixty-year-old Fanny is found in a swimming pond in Lower Austria's Waldviertel region, it is not immediately clear if it was a murder. Chief inspector Paul Werner and the young police officer Martin take up the investigation.

The Small Screen / Re: The Rehearsal
Last post by Jeremy Blackman - Yesterday at 07:36:13 PM

There is now a subreddit for "rehearsing" posts you might make on the main The Rehearsal subreddit.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Screenings of Interest
Last post by wilberfan - Yesterday at 06:57:43 PM
LOS ANGELES: NUART THEATRE: Mini PTA-Fest:  Aug 19 - Aug 25, 2022

News and Theory / Anton and Ted
Last post by Scrooby - Yesterday at 03:14:53 AM
Anton : "The coin got here the same way I did."

sounds very similar to a comment that Ted Bundy gave to two journalists in 1989 :

Bundy : ". . . This is why this Ball girl found herself to be the next victim."

Ah, the perspective of the phrase found herself.