The Safdie Brothers

Started by WorldForgot, December 23, 2023, 11:16:41 AM

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Once an NYC indie duo, these two have clawed their way into mainstream vernacular in large part due to the mass success one-two punch of Good Time and Uncut Gems.

Flawed characters and frenetic camerawork, their stylization begs for grit while keeping a smirk. Is it Cassavettes by way of social media? Or just the jagged progeny of mumblecore into a monied venture via Elara?


Love the Safdies. Is it concerning that they seem to be splitting up?

Benny doing some great work on The Curse and now going on to direct The Smashing Machine solo:

There's some rumours going around that their next film with Adam Sandler is off, that Benny and Josh have fallen out, and that Sandler and Josh aren't on speaking terms.

Don't know if there's any truth to that, but feels like some controversy might be coming down the pipeline with Josh in the middle of it.

I'm excited to see what they might do separately, but they're so good together. The Duplass brothers conciously uncoupled and their best work is arguably behind them. Even the Coens are working separately now.



Did they have a falling out?  I've not followed the drama that closely...