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Started by wilberfan, August 08, 2019, 02:25:03 PM

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AMC Theatres Unveils Movie Ticket Prices Based on Seat Locations

QuoteAMC Theatres is adding sightlines to its cinema experience, along with blockbuster movies.

The mega-exhibitor is following music concerts, sporting events and other entertainment venues in setting its ticket pricing strategy to sightlines for seating selections. AMC patrons attending cinemas after 4 p.m. will be able to pay different prices based on their proximity to the movie screen within the auditorium.

That will put seats in Value Sightline, Standard Sightline, and Preferred Sightline sections. Standard sightline seats will be the most common in auditoriums and available for the traditional cost of a movie ticket.

I wonder how this will affect the already-frustrating blockbuster madness of "opening day" business for things like Oppenheimer and Barbie. Phil Nobile, editor in chief of Fangoria, tweeted that the test theater seating maps-- this program is being piloted with current box office, Magic Mike 3 and Avatar 2, right now -- indicate selling out a hall at with this model actually brings less money to the theater than selling out at standard current price.


A24 Buys Off-Broadway's Cherry Lane Theatre

QuoteIndependent film studio A24 has purchased a small Off-Broadway venue, the Cherry Lane Theatre.

The theater, which is located in New York City's West Village, was purchased for just over $10 million, according to a deed filed Friday. Cherry Lane Theatre is the longest continuously running off-Broadway theater in New York and features a 179-seat mainstage and a 60-seat studio theater.

A person with knowledge of the deal told The Hollywood Reporter that A24 plans to keep the space as a venue for live theater.


Okay so it's not a MOVIE theater -- yet! But imagine if A24 filmmakers can now host hybrid events here?
Imagine if the PAVEMENT: The Musical movie Alex Ross Perry devises can be both LIVE and a film event?


After news that 6 Alamo Drafthouses had closed around the DFW/North Texas area, new news:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Sells to Sony

QuoteSony Pictures Entertainment has acquired Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the theater chain that inspired a passionate following with its creative cocktails, extensive food menu and strict "no talking, no texting" policies. The media company acquired Alamo Drafthouse from owners Altamont Capital Partners, Fortress Investment Group and its founder Tim League.

Under its new ownership, Alamo Drafthouse will be managed under a newly established division, Sony Pictures Experiences. In a press release touting the sale, the company said it "reinforces [Sony Pictures Entertainment's] long-held commitment to theatrical exhibition and continued initiatives in experiential entertainment." Alamo has been quietly soliciting offers for the past several months, but had struggled to find a buyer.

However, Alamo with its loyal fanbase has fared better than its competition. Last year, the theater chain had a 30% jump in box office revenue from the previous year, a much more substantial improvement than the 21% increase experienced by the industry at large.