Worst Film

Started by Jeremy Blackman, April 16, 2014, 03:29:02 PM

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Worst Film

Despicable Me 2
1 (4%)
Gangster Squad
11 (44%)
The Lone Ranger
5 (20%)
2 (8%)
The Place Beyond the Pines
6 (24%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Jeremy Blackman

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I wouldn't watch it again in a hurry, but Place Beyond the Pines isn't a bad film.


it was a disappointing followup to blue valentine. someone make the case that oblivion is a better movie.


^m83 and fancy digital work. and, you know, i find it easy to believe that cruise is confused and ponderous

[i think pines is solid and it's being ravaged by packs of wild babies]
[^topical jk]


I can't really rile up any hate for any of these movies. Even the clearly bad ones like Lone Ranger aren't bad in a way and to a degree that evokes any sort of passion against them.
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Well I saw this only recently and so I didn't suggest it in time, but MAN OF STEEL was real bad.

Jeremy Blackman

Maybe this is obvious, but I think since most of us try not to see bad movies, this category is more like Most Disappointing Film.


Everything about Gangster Squad including its title is abominable. That's the one that riles up the most grrrr in me.

And JB is right this category could also be interpreted as most disappointing or biggest letdown, which means Pines definitely belongs on the list.


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[edit] thought about deleting this bc it might start a fight no one wants to have (in the worst movie thread?!? come on). but i'm keeping it as the oppositional perspective on how this category isn't sharp. let's all agree it isn't sharp and let the good times roll xx


yeah these nominees are more 'we thought theyd be cooler'.
the real worst movie is movie 43. its very obvious.


I liked a lot of Lone Ranger, especially the first hour.
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Quote from: matt35mm on April 19, 2014, 02:10:15 PM
Well I saw this only recently and so I didn't suggest it in time, but MAN OF STEEL was real bad.

Best/interesting parts of this still better/more interesting than 90% of Marvel Studios stuff.

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Of all 2013 films I saw I rank White House Down as the worst.
Even it can be a fun movie to get lost in for a while.
What knocked it down even further for me was the gratuitous little girl life threatening/putting a gun to a little girl's head repeatedly.


I forgot I ranked Oz the Great and Powerful below it, but also 5/10.
Watching it on DISH in Full Screen didn't help either.

RIPD only avoided 5 because I thought the Ryan Reynolds death/ascending in the sky scene was pretty good.

I enjoyed Oblivion.

I have forgotten much of Gangster Squad, but I do know one of the biggest sequences/set pieces had to be cut because of the theater shooting. So I have to wonder how much that hurt the film.


Just saw The Internship. Man, that was a stinker. I think it goes with the 5/10's and that may be generous.
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Jeremy Blackman

Voting has been locked. The winner is:

Gangster Squad


Xixax is the only place you'll see Gangster Squad listed as the worst film of the year.

Yet it is the worst film of the year.