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Started by BonBon85, February 02, 2003, 02:28:01 PM

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What's your favorite use of music in a PTA movie? You can discuss both the score as well as regular songs.

I'm partial the use of "One" in Magnolia and Brion's score in PDL.

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Both "Clementine Loop" and "Do Your Thing" in Boogie Nights.
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"Craft Service Theme" by Jon Brion


Tough call.  "Sister Christian" in Boogie Nights is classic.  I also loved  "He Needs Me" in Punch-Drunk Love.

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Nobody mentions Wise Up because it is to obvious to mention. But isn't it the best use of music in a PTA movie?

I personally think so
Haven't seen PDL though


Yeah, Wise Up is the obvious one. But aside from that, God Only Knows just made Boogie Nights so much greater for me. It made the ending really moving...I'm a big Pet Sounds fan.


I didn't want to have to state the obvious.  I'm glad someone else already did.


-Both closing credits songs, although im more partial to Fiona's

-Machine Gun
-You Got The Touch(soundtrack version especially)
-Jessie's Girl
-Livin' Thinng

-Its all wonderful, even "Dreams", which I would hate under any other circumstance. The best though, is of course the peak/cut to black/ writen&dir by pta

-Here We Go(which wasnt even in the fuckin thing)
-He Needs Me
-All score(thats some crazy fucking shit they cooked up)
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Long push-in on Melora Walters, Oscar-nominated Aimee Mann song... the best cut to black in the history of cinema.
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Sydney- Jon Brion/Michael Penn's demented rendition of christmas music, film noir style.

Boogie Nights- Do your thing, Livin' thing, Spill the Wine, Jessie's Girl

Magnolia- I take Jon Brion's ever-evolving score over Aimee Mann any day (although I still love Mann)

Punch-Drunk Love- Brion's score, especially during the scene where everything's happening at once in the warehouse (am i the only one who was fucking annoyed by the shelley duvall song?)
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(Yes, you are.)

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Jon Brion & Michael Penn - Tokens To Cash

(I put up the soundtrack for download a months ago (with the help of sphinx) - if you want the mp3 pm me - its so funky)

ELO - Livin Thing     Best fucking credits song! It fits so well - especially with the cool title cards with character and actor name!!

Special mention - Sniff N Tears - Drivers Seat - soooo perfect placement for when Thomas Jane (Todd Parker - I love that name - so good) rocks up

"full fuckin race cams" :D

Driving Sideways (played when Solomon Solomon is yelling at Whiz Kid and he throws the keys on the desk - its soooooooo subtle yet sooooooo cool - i love it)

I'll tell you in another 8 fucking weeks :(
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