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Started by Jeremy Blackman, February 24, 2004, 06:54:50 PM

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Y'know when you're picking away, and you go for a bit extra glory -- that 1 more centimetre of leverage, and you realize you're made yourself get a nosebleed, and all you can think is that You Should Have Known Better! You Should Have Been Happy With What You Had! The Grass Is Always Greener! etc...

Yeah, I hate that.
Those who say that the totalitarian state of the Soviet Union was not "real" Marxism also cannot admit that one simple feature of Marxism makes totalitarianism necessary:  the rejection of civil society. Since civil society is the sphere of private activity, its abolition and replacement by political society means that nothing private remains. That is already the essence of totalitarianism; and the moralistic practice of the trendy Left, which regards everything as political and sometimes reveals its hostility to free speech, does nothing to contradict this implication.

When those who hated capital and consumption (and Jews) in the 20th century murdered some hundred million people, and the poster children for the struggle against international capitalism and America are now fanatical Islamic terrorists, this puts recent enthusiasts in an awkward position. Most of them are too dense and shameless to appreciate it, and far too many are taken in by the moralistic and paternalistic rhetoric of the Left.