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Started by Jeremy Blackman, February 24, 2004, 06:10:09 PM

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only 5 of the 14 of the awards were ones i voted for.  i guess i dont fit in with the majority opinion here.  (and out of those 5, 2 were ones i didnt feel very passionate about but had to make due with the options i had!)  how did everybody else do?  besides chest who is creaming his pants over the LIT sweep.

edit: mine were DVD, Debut, Documentary (meh), Supporting Actress (meh), Screenplay.
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Chest Rockwell

I grabbed:

Best Film
Best Screenplay
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Editing
Best Supporting Actor
Best DVD
Best Director (I think)
I don't remember some of my other votes. I probably would have voted for City of God in Best Debut had I seen it before casting in my ballot.


Film, Director, Actor, Actress, Cinematography, Debut.  That's it.

Chest Rockwell

Quote from: Weak2ndActFilm, Director, Actor, Actress, Cinematography, Debut.  That's it.


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This is destined to give some poor sap an epileptic seizure.  Ugh.

Gold Trumpet

Debut and Supporting Male only, I think.

Duck Sauce

how the fuck did i manage to miss this?


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Duck Sauce

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this one

but not this one


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i think the awards this year are excellent. much better than last years.


Quote from: ©bradi think the awards this year are excellent. much better than last years.
haha, definitely.
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....you guys did a good job on this.....nice...... 8)


I'm pretty dissapointed Kill Bill didn't win more catagories (except best original music - wtf is wrong with you people?!). Peter Jackson winning best director is just sad. Apart from that, nice shootin fellas  :yabbse-thumbup: