Started by ono, January 21, 2022, 10:07:25 PM

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Whoa.  No thread for Ozark.  Why?  It's like Breaking Bad in the midwest.  Bateman and Linney act their asses off.  S4 part 1 (the final season) premiered today on Netflix.  The last 7 episodes in like 9 months or so.  So yeah, check it out.  It's good television.  Insert gif of Jon Stewart giving the thumb up circa early 2000s.


I cut bait after a season because, while certainly watchable, it felt shamelessly derivative to Breaking Bad while not being nearly as thrilling or well-written. Does it get better?


It does but to each his own.  It's gritty and owns its setting.  Julia Garner is a revelation.


Also one of the best shows in the past few years, but I didn't care for the finale. Kind of ruined it for me.


Yeah, I ate my words on the back end.  The finale, and that whole last series of episodes, was pretty stupid.  Sullies the quality of the first two or three seasons.  Bad writing.  They went for what was unexpected rather than what actually made sense.