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Started by Jeremy Blackman, May 06, 2017, 04:03:18 PM

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Fuzzy Dunlop

Co-signing on all this, it's such a fun show. I hadn't binged a series in a while and I ended up watching all 4 seasons of this in a week (including a Sunday where I did all of S3 and S4).

Jeremy Blackman

Finished it. Seasons 1 and 2 are great, but Season 3 is an absolute masterpiece. Wow. Alia Shawkat is an acting god in Season 3. And I could watch John Early do anything for an indefinite number of hours. I love Search Party so much.

Season 4 is a mixed bag though. I see what they were going for, but I'm not sure it entirely worked for me...

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They took a big swing with Dory's character. But I honestly don't think I'm convinced that she would have behaved that way. Was there anything at end of Season 3 indicating she would have climbed back in that trunk? Really? That she would have essentially self-hypnotized? Certainly Dory was haunted, but it's a long journey from there to being so tortured with guilt that you want to erase your consciousness. I didn't see that journey in this season.

So against all odds, I pretty much always wanted to exit Alia Shawkat's scenes. And Chip wore thin pretty fast for me. The rest of the cast (mostly John Early) had to carry the season, and they kind of did. Thankfully the non-Dory content in Season 4 was super strong.
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Jeremy Blackman

I almost forgot to call out the minutes-long Magnolia homage in Season 4. That was quite surreal.

Not a spoiler. You'll know it when you see it, though.
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A dark comedy following a thirtysomething woman on the run after 10 years in a suffocating marriage to a controlling tech billionaire. Soon she discovers that her husband has implanted a monitoring device -- the Made for Love chip -- in her brain, allowing him to track her, watch her and know her "emotional data" as she tries to regain her independence after taking refuge in her desert hometown with her aging widower father and his synthetic partner.

I'm only 2 eps in, but I'm enjoying the premise, the cast (especially Romano) and execution.


Halfway through the final szn of Seinfeld U_U
It's been a constant companion for about two years now, I'm gonna miss it.

Will write up more thoughts after I finish; eward was right, the show hits an all new stride in its final seasonz.
Seinfeld's 9th szn episode THE BETRAYAL: a must watch.



On paper this should NOT work for me--but the pilot made me laugh several times.  Tina Fey's fingerprints are on it, which is always a big plus for me.



You should go into this series, CAKE , knowing as little as possible so that the juxtapositionz in style and tone can catch you off guard. Anthology comedy series -- more than that, its talent has got the GOODZ.

Each ep feelz like you're at an indie film-fest for 30minutes. Even the interstitialz are inspiring. Do it up if you need a new comedy


Just finished 4 seasons of The Mike Tyson Mysteries.  (Was it jenkins that shouted about this show?  Fucking LOVED it.  Really gonna miss that one...)

About 3 episodes into this.  Another one of those shows that shouldn't interest me at all, but it works.


Jeremy Blackman

I've been watching Hanna. Highly recommend checking out at least the first 2 episodes, which are excellent and have a surprising emotional punch. At this point you'll definitely know whether the show is for you. It's basically an expanded version of the movie, with plenty of time to dwell on Hanna's inner life. Rather than feeling like it's milking material, it comes off as a more realistic and exploratory iteration of the story.

(on Amazon Prime)

Worth seeing just for the reunion of Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos. You will get heaps of Kinnaman, in fact.

Minor spoilers. The second season takes an unexpected approach. Nothing crazy, but it's a well-conceived soft reboot of sorts. I'm only a couple episodes in.
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Didn't see if it had its own thread, but I couldn't help myself and had to stay up to watch I Think You Should Leave season 2 premiering on Netflix tonight (well, this morning).

So glad that I did stay up because this is a fantastic follow up and well worth the wait.

Anyone else a fan of season 1 of catch season 2 yet?
"As a matter of fact I only work with the feeling of something magical, something seemingly significant. And to keep it magical I don't want to know the story involved, I just want the hypnotic effect of it somehow seeming significant without knowing why." - Len Lye

Jeremy Blackman

Thanks for the reminder! I loved season 1, so I'll watch this very soon...
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The six-part series intimately captures the decade-long odyssey of surfing pioneer Garrett McNamara, who, after visiting Nazaré, Portugal in hopes of conquering a 100 foot wave, pushed the sport to ever-greater heights and alongside locals helped transform the small fishing village into the world's pre-eminent big-wave surfing destination.

Just watched episode 1.



The Filmcast talked about this on several occasions, so I had to give it a shot. So it's about this guy trying to make a show, and each episode is about the making of the previously episode. It go to really weird kaufmanesque places. For example, in one episode there's a scene where him and his wife has a fight - not a documented fight in real time, but a reenacting of a real fight - so the next episode is then about how they made the reenacting of that fight, which leads to another fight because the wife feels it is unnecessary to include every single tidbit of their relationship, real lines from the real fight and stuff that's way too personal, etc. Sometimes the real actors are playing themselves, sometimes he have to cast different actors because people drops of when things turn complicated and weird. In short, it's a show about a man's descent into madness, and the great lengths he goes to make this show happening despite it basically destroying his personal life.