What's the common consensus here on where Kubrick's filmography properly begins?

Started by SailorOfTheSeas, May 13, 2014, 02:14:37 PM

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I know that Fear and Desire and Killer's Kiss ARE kubrick films, but i kinda see them more as released training exercises and lessons that he went through. Either way, i suppose people either consider the beginning of his filmography to be Fear and Desire, Killer's Kiss or The Killing. Which do you lot mostly consider it to be?



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It's interesting to think that (if we consider Fear and Desire kubrick's first), that Dr Strangelove was his 7th film. Of his 6 films up till then arguably only one was truly great; Paths of Glory. PTA has made 6 films and imo 5 of those either are or are close to being masterpieces. Kubrick stepped things up at his 7th films, dr strangelove, and now PTA is making his 7th with Inherent Vice. I'm not saying that pta is better than kubrick (we just have to look at dr strangelove onwards to see that isn't strictly true), but i believe that he is an artist of the same genius caliber and that makes me truly excited for his next films. If kubrick touched the sky with 2001 and continued to ride the clouds with the rest of them, the heights that PTA could reach could be properly transcendent with his future films.   


ok but for today, please and if you want, compare kubrick movies to godzilla movies. that's what i need today


This is a question for Pubrick, if he's still alive. He has VERY STRONG OPINIONS about this exact topic. If I remember correctly, he discounts everything pre-Paths of Glory.
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But what's the reasoning behind that really. His work should start where it really begins, that includes the trash and amateur stuff as well.

That said, the good stuff starts around The Killing-Paths of Glory.


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me, if kubrick lived and died fear to lolita, people would talk about paths maybe kinda, the killing definitely couldbe, but in general he'd be a normal filmmaker and talked about or ignored in a normal way. lolita didn't do for cinema what lolita did for literature, not even close. dr strangelove begins "wait, who is this guy" and 2001 breaks the roof. imo


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^mmmmmmm, on the topic of kubrick movies you're, i mean, i noticed kinda similar names, and it could be like you saw the opening bands then you came in all badass with a lazer show of kubrick data instead, because idk seems like you've googled him into your memory (lol), and what if you showed pandas i just mean, anyway you could kubrick glam rock and your occasional lazer shows are so mega. or is there a link? i've heard bout dem things


Pubrick what's your opinion on the subject if u dont mind me asking?  :yabbse-smiley: