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..i didn't see a thread for docus when i searched...its could be b/c their isn't one or it could be b/c i'm a phucking idiot....but i need some help...or list of favs docs i should see or what you guys like the most..

i have..seen :

bowling for columbine-good ..even though i don't like MM this is an eye opening doc...which is what i think all docs should do....

capturing the friedmans-solid...

winged migration--solid.

and i recently bought the kid stays in the picture..and planning on watching it tonight......suggestions/list of favs./help/witty banter/?

........BTW- recently i have been addicted to ceaser salads and ceaser dressing am i the only one.?.......


Quote from: NEON MERCURYi need some help...or list of favs docs i should see or what you guys like the most..

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Skeleton FilmWorks

Just Withnail

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Ach! I wanna see this soo much it hurts...


under the paving stones.


Rivers and Tides
My Architect was ok


roger & me
american movie
my best fiend - klaus kinski
wadd: the life and times of john c. holmes



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We gonna do a little Q&A Mr. Worley, and at the risk of sounding redundant please... make your answers Genuine...


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Just Withnail

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I adore this one.


Check out Bunuel's "Land Without Bread"
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Hah!  Brad made that movie... I know him from my Oklahoma days.

It's a fun little flick.