Synchronicity Cuts / Dark Side of the Rainbow

Started by WorldForgot, March 01, 2022, 10:01:03 PM

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Most of you have probably heard of the Sync-Cut. Where you play some music along with your favorite psychedelic flick to see how it lines up. I figured I'd start a thread for this sort of thing in case anybody's fooling around with their media and finds a synchronized combination they like.

from r/pinkfloyd

Because the Vimeo link is set to private, our current forum software returns it as "does not exist" so I'm linking to Reddit.

personally, I never thought Alice in The Wall worked too well, save for this sequence:

and from The Wicker Breaker's ambitious Area-52 experiment.
QuoteI started to wonder if there was an album long enough to sync up with Southland Tales ala The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz. So I went to the internet and did some a search for 1:44:00 minute albums. The first one that I decided to look into was The Clash's three-part album Sandinista! I went to Wikipedia to find its run time is 1:44:09.

I like The Clash the times match up so I decided let's see what happens.

I got my hands on a copy of Sandinista! and merged it with Southland Tales to make it easier to pause both at the same exact time in order to take notes. When the merger was complete I opened the new file to see if it worked. From the first beat of the drum to the fade-in of the Samuel Goldwyn logo, in a matter of only about 00:02 seconds... I was already won over. I shut it down instantly to not ruin any surprises.

Jeremy Blackman

Randomly started that Oz clip at 15 min and was pretty blown away.

In response to this I just turned of the Vimeo functionality of our aggressive mod and installed a separate Vimeo embedder. Still won't embed, but at least it's linkable now.


Thanks! I found it odd that neither the link function or the vimeo-link-alone would allow it through, so I appreciate you looking into it.

Dark Side of the Rainbow is a fun ride, worth watching at least once (without the pod's commentary for the first time). And the special effects work in The Wizard of Oz continues to be a delight, so a little Floyd on top only adds to its affect.