Top 10 of 2021 (FINAL)

Started by Alethia, January 03, 2022, 04:25:38 PM

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Licorice Pizza
The Worst Person in the World
The Green Knight
The Card Counter
The Scary of Sixty-First
Red Rocket
(plus Get Back...)

Honorables Menches: C'mon C'mon, French Exit, Last Night in Soho, Dune (IMAX), West Side Story (IMAX), The Tragedy of Macbeth (IMAX), Zola, No Sudden Move, NYC Epicenters: 9/11 -> 2021 1/2, A Quiet Place Part II.

Did not like: Cruella, Nobody, Saint Maud, Halloween Kills.

Fucking hated: Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Still have to see: Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, Titane, Matrix Resurrections, Shiva Baby, The Souvenir Part 2, Nightmare Alley, Bergman Island, Drive My Car, The Power of the Dog, The Last Duel, Gucci, Spencer, Pig, Cry Macho, Belfast, The Velvet Underground, The Lost Daughter, Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, Annette, The Worst Person in the World,  The Sparks Brothers, About Endlessness.

Favorite First Watches

To Have and Have Not - 35mm - Film Forum
Hangover Square - Criterion Channel
Nude on the Moon - Criterion Channel
Bad Girls Go To Hell - Criterion Channel
The Heartbreak Kid - Youtube
Forbidden Planet - HBO Max
Le Cercle Rouge - 4K - Film Forum
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean - Metrograph Streaming
Girlfriends - Criterion Channel
Smooth Talk - Blu
Nichols and May: Take Two - HBO Max?

Notable Theatricalz

Licky Peetz DGA screenings all 35mm (plus the 70s at Village East)
Lawrence of Arabia on 70mm at MoMI
Something Wild on 35mm at MoMI
The Age of Innocence on 35mm at MoMI
Full Metal Jacket on 35mm at MoMI
Ishtar on 35mm at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn
Out of the Blue 4K restoration at Metrograph
Possession 4K restoration at Metrograph



I still got hella flicks to see, hermano! I'm seeing Drive My Car and Bergman Island this weekend, hopefully.


1. Licorice Pizza
2. Bergman Island
3. Petite Maman
4. The Worst Person in the World
5. Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
6. Old
7. The Suicide Squad
8. The World To Come
9. The Scary of 61st
10. West Side Story

ALSO LIKED: The Velvet Underground. Memoria. Drive My Car. El Planeta. Bad Trip. Get Back. French Exit. The Card Counter. All Light Everywhere. Red Rocket.

DIDNT SEE: The Souvenir 2. Macbeth.

WORST: Ghostbusters Afterlife. Space Jam. Locked Down. Free Guy. Eternals. Belfast. Coming 2 America. Don't Look Up. Cherry. Being the Ricardos. Cruella.


1. memoria
2. wheel of fortune and fantasy
3. bad luck banging or loony porn
4. the power of the dog
5. the beatles: get back
6. the french dispatch
7. pig
8. titane
9. annette
10. the velvet underground

honorables: drive my car, licorice pizza, the worst person in the world, barb & star go to vista del mar, red rocket, the card counter, naomi osaka

hated: don't look up, free guy, space jam legacy, the tomorrow war, roadrunner, army of the dead, finch, old, venom 2

the worst: reminiscence


havent seen quite a few major releases this year.. but here's the stuff I liked, film and tv:

The Heavies:
Licorice Pizza
The Underground Railroad
Get Back

Things I really liked:
The French Dispatch
The Green Knight
The Tragedy of Macbeth
Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City
Pretend it's a City

Marvel Bullshit that wasn't awful (and non-Marvel bullshit that wasn't either):
Spider-Man: No Way Home
Mortal Kombat
The Suicide Squad

Non-Marvel bullshit that WAS awful (and Marvel bullshit that was too):
Matrix: Reserrections
Justice League
Dont Look Up
Black Widow
Venom 2
Falcon and Winter Soldier
Book of Boba Fett (first episode only. fuck this show.)

Things I saw for the first time this year and liked:
The Sopranos (Greatest of All-Time)
Sicario (tight as fuck. tense as fuck.)
American Graffiti (Cherry Bomb! and Lil Ronnie Howard (!))
Dune (1984) (but actually this movie sucks mostly)
Jour de Fête (the only Tati I hadnt seen. This man was a gift.)
Midnight Run (campy DeNiro fun)

Things from this year I didnt see but want to:
The Card Counter
Red Rocket
C'Mon C'Mon


I wanted to catch up some more this month, but ok, here it is:

1. Pig
2. Drive My Car
3. The power of the dog
4. In front of your face
5. Red Rocket
6. Annette
7. Bo Burnham's Inside
8. Petite Maman
9. The French Dispatch
10. I'm your man

Also: French Exit, Hold Me Back, The World's a Little Blurry, No Sudden Move, King Richard, Matrix, Wheel of fortune and Fantasy

Eeeeehhhhhh????: Zeroes and ones, Free guy, Titane


Haven't seen much from 2021 but feels like a good year based on how many I still have to watch:

Top 9
The Worst Person in the World
Red Rocket
Green Knight
The Kid Detective
Barb and Star
Drishyam 2

Want to watch but haven't yet:
Licorice Pizza
C'mon C'mon
Both Hamaguchis
The Innocents


Loved: First Cow, The Card Counter, Drive My Car, Licorice Pizza, Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, Memoria, Petite Maman

Liked: Malmkrog, City Hall, Wife of a Spy, Martin Eden, Old, The Last Duel, Annette, Monster Hunter, Nightmare Alley, West Side Story

Meh: Dune, The Matrix Resurrections, No Time To Die, The Power of the Dog, Parallel Mothers, Those Who Wish Me Dead, The French Dispatch

Strongly disliked: The Green Knight, Shang-Chi


Favorites (3.5/5 and above):

1.Licorice Pizza
2.Drive my Car
3.The Souvenir Part II
5.Red Rocket
7.The Worst Person in the World
8.Petite Maman
9.A Hero
10. Memoria
11.The Tragedy of Macbeth
12.The Hand of God
13.Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

4 Documentary/TV Mentions (only Get Back can possibly sneak here once I watch it):

1.The Velvet Underground
2.Summer of Soul
3.It's a Sin
4.Bo Burnham: Inside

4 Performance Mentions:

1.Léa Seydoux (France)
2.Nicolas Cage (Pig) [Also favorite directorial debut of '21]
3.Tim Blake Nelson (Old Henry)
4.Niamh Algar (Censor)

3 Guilty Pleasures:

1.The Suicide Squad
2.Zack Snyder's Justice League
3.The Matrix Resurrections

3 Biggest Disappointments:

1.Annette (I liked a few scenes but as a whole...)
2.Last Night in Soho (embarassing ending)
3.Benedetta (watch The Devils ('71) instead)


still have yet to see (and want to) : "Together, Together" "C'mon, C'mon" "France" "Ema"

1. Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
2. Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time
3. Azor
4. Licorice Pizza
5. Judas and the Black Messiah
6. The Nowhere Inn
7. Drive My Car
8. The Worst Person in the World
9. The Card Counter
10. Undine

11. Bergman Island
12. Dune
13. The Hand of God
14. The Power of the Dog
15. The Frech Dispatch
16. A Glitch in the Matrix
17. Prisoners of the Ghostland
18. Spencer
19. Red Rocket
20. Wrath of Man